101 Money Save Ways -
Pick The Best; Ditch The Rest

101 money save ways that are simple, saving wise options that will help you economize without compromise.

101 money save ways

Take a look at our free and frugal money saving tips that will slip effortlessly into your endeavors to maximize a long-term frugal living lifestyle.

The money saving tips below are worth reviewing - pick the best and then ditch the rest ... but not before you have explored a few other pages on our frugal living websites.

The frugal blogs will show homeowners how to make the most of their home, offer you debt free solutions and help you with your savings-plan.


Clever clothing savings ... 101 money save ways

Bag a bargain and surf for sales - there are very few items that can't bought on a sale if you are prepared to wait and have patience.

Delayed gratification will definitely save you money in the long run.

Be sale saving wise by asking stores to email you in advance when their seasonal sales are around the corner.

It is a good idea to buy clothes and shoes during off-season sales and to stock up on necessities for the following season.

You'll find quality items at a fraction of the original purchase price.

Buy classic clothes that will mix and match with your existing wardrobe and the accessories and shoes that you already own.

Don't be tempted to splurge on designer items or the latest trends - your wardrobe will soon look dated as the fickle fashion world moves onto the newest and the latest trend.

(and you'll be left with the huge credit card bill as you rush out to buy new clothes to keep up with the next "trendy must-have" fashion wardrobe)

(Just remember that you should only buy an item on sale if you really need it - not just because "it's on a sale".)

Making your clothes go further and last longer ...

A great tailor can mend an imperfection in an item cheaply purchased, they can hem pants that are too long, shorten dresses and skirts to suit your figure and add a "nip and tuck" here and there - for clothes that are "custom made" to enhance your strengths and make you feel like a million dollars.

A professional dry cleaner will extend the lease of life on your classic wardrobe and a good cobbler will extend the mileage that you get out of your shoes.

101 money save ways ... free and frugal kitchen savings ...

Cooked your vegetables - use the cooled cooking water as an affordable nutrient rich food supplement for your indoor plants and container herb garden.

A sheen of oil on your measuring spoons allows honey, syrup and treacle to slide off effortlessly - no fuss, no wastage and yes, long term savings.

Run out of baking powder? We're all looking for tips to save gas so make your own ... mix a half a teaspoon of cream of tartar, a half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a quarter teaspoon of corn flour.

(Finding yourself in the same predicament with self-raising flour? Add two level teaspoons of baking powder to every 100 grams of flour and don't let your cake mixture stand for too long before baking - the baking powder will be less effective)

Remember that we suggested to you to "pick the best and ditch the rest" ... well don't ditch the egg whites if you only need yolks for your recipe. Simply store the egg whites in a sealed container in your freezer - they'll last for months.

(Helpful hint if you find it difficult to separate the yolks from the whites and end up wasting - crack the eggs over a funnel - the white runs down and the yolk stays up).

Maximize your muesli by adding an inexpensive box of oats to your nutty, fruity muesli mix - a healthy and nutritious digestive wonder.

Buy tomatoes in bulk and then "dice 'em, cook' em and freeze 'em". You always need a tomato based pasta sauce or salsa to add to your repertoire of money saving meals.

With all the dicing and chopping your trusted wooden chopping board may be looking a little less trustworthy? Ditch the germs with a thorough vinegar and salt or lemon juice and salt exfoliating scrub.

How to be frugal - 101 money save ways in your home and garden ...

Don't throw away old newspapers. Rather pack the pages tightly inside left over cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper kitchen towels. They will make cheap firelighters for your next barbecue or cozy winter fire.

For perfectly frugal painting pleasure -

Rub a sheen of baby oil or Vaseline on your hands before you start painting and banish spills and splatters more easily and without the extra cost of expensive hand cleaners.

(Want further savings on cleaning solutions and spring cleaning tips? Line your paint tray with heavy duty aluminum foil - then simply fold and dispose of the foil once you are done.)

Keep a small amount of paint in an old jam jar for the odd touch up here and there - it saves you having to open a big tin in the garage and prevents the paint from drying out.

(Don't ditch a hardened paint brush - simple soak it in a solution (mixed in equal ratios) of vinegar and water for twenty minutes... no costs incurred on having to buy a new paint brush.)

101 money save ways - some more saving-wise advice to add to your arsenal how to save money tips.

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