66 Ways To Save Money -
Travel With Frugal Efficiency

66 ways to save money and become a frugal traveler? Absolutely! Strategies to save money and practical tips on budgeting - your gateway to traveling the world!

66 ways to save money

It all begins with a simple premise - do your homework and investigate money saving travel tips. What appear to be relatively small and insignificant savings here and there ... will ultimately culminate in significant savings over the long term.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler with a wealth of experience related to international travel tips or a novice planning your maiden voyage in to the realms of cheap Caribbean vacations - once you've experienced the magic and majesty of travel stardust - you'll be captivated.

Captivated is one thing, but saving money to finance your exciting adventures requires a saving plan and practical money saving tips for frugal living.

Travel with us as we give you the blueprint to becoming a frugal traveler (with travel insurance) - here's to dreams come true!


Perfect planning, well in advance, the key to economizing without compromising.

Set yourself a realistic budget [ add on a little more] and then plan accordingly.

Your budget should pretty much be cast in stone - merely suggested parameters that you vaguely aim at keeping to will not work.

A financial forecast accompanied by unwavering discipline is a must - you won't always appreciate it at the time, but a little restraint is so much better than returning home from an amazing trip and then having to contend with huge bills.

Plan your itinerary thoroughly and iron out all details and financial eventualities that need to be accounted for and finalized.

Attention to detail will minimize most unforeseen costs suddenly needing to be absorbed into your travel budget.

Perfect planning ...

  • Time consuming? Definitely!
  • Necessary? Without a doubt!
  • Exciting and motivating? Absolutely!

And finally ...

  • The best advise in your arsenal of 66 ways to save money and become a frugal traveler? Undeniably!

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