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Homebase diy - short-circuit those high voltage emergency cost with proactive, preventative measures.

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We've all been there ... scrambling around in the middle of the night or over the weekend desperately searching for emergency plumbing and 24 hour plumbing.

A proactive, preventative plan to put an emergency plumbing leak or electrical problem in its place should be part of your saving-wise savings plan.

Take the time now and short-circuit the high emergency costs of  a weekend call-out and enhance your frugal homemaking.

You'll save money, minimize stress and invest in your own peace of mind - now that's a lifestyle worth looking into ... cool, calm and collected.



Proactive Plan   Saving-Wise Mission Accomplished
Get your geyser checked by an authorized plumber - especially before you go away on your vacation.   You minimize the chance of your geyser bursting and then returning home to a flooded apartment or house - and all the high voltage costs for insurance and repairs.
Make sure that you know where the main water valve to your property is - and inform everyone else who lives with you.   As soon as you see the beginning of a plumbing problem - turn off the main water valve. You'll save a significant amount by limiting the potential damage and by buying yourself the time to find the  best and most affordable specialist to fix the problem - without the added emergency costs.
Plot the leaks and blockages. Look for stains on your paintwork and ceilings, search for any blockages in your gutters and near drains and identify dripping taps.   The stains and blockages are early warning signs that all is not as it should be. Identify and fix the problem in time - and you'll save money in the long run.
Find your fuse box and then make sure you know how to switch off the power at the main supply and for individual appliances.   The preventative up side is that you will be able to isolate the "emergency appliance or area" and switch it off without turning off the rest of the electricity (for example to the refrigerator and all the perishables).


Homebase diy - a basic annual maintenance budget is worth the time and money.

The return on your investment in both time and money ... your peace of mind and some extra money to invest wisely.

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