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Hi there - my name is Lee, and myself and our financial team, are the webmasters of  www.saving-wise.com

about the author

My father is a financial adviser and he retired at the age of 50.

From a young age we were exposed to a savings ethos.

He always spoke to us about money and he took the time to introduce us the basics of saving and investing money, the advantages of different investments and the amazing financial benefits of compound interest.

Perhaps the biggest gift he ever gave me, was to create an awareness at a young age, of just how important it is to take control of your own financial education and consequently, your own financial future.

In fact, with my very first salary check, he started me on the pathway to financial freedom by encouraging (ok, pretty much telling) me to start investing in unit trusts.

But, he didn't stop there - he also advised my husband and myself to invest in our first property when we were still really young.

There were days when it was tough. All our friends were traveling, and going out. And we were saving and trying to make mortgage payments!

But it certainly paid off - it was definitely worth the investment, both in terms of our time and our hard earned money.

We now own rental properties that we derive an income from and our financial portfolio includes unit trust and shares and commodities.

And I have never stopped learning.

There is so much financial jargon out there, too many financial products and just so much small print with carefully cloaked terms and conditions.

You need to understand where you are investing your money.

You need to be aware of the options available to you and not merely rely on a financial adviser.

Our financial team would like to offer you the opportunity to expand your financial knowledge by bringing you simple and hopefully, less complicated information about a broad savings plan across all aspects of day-to-day life.

Take the time, make the effort and become more aware of how to develop a saving-wise mindset.

It is never too late to start on your journey to expand your financial knowledge, to start taking control of your financial freedom and probably, most importantly to be in a position to expose your children to a saving-wise ethos on a daily basis.

Words of wisdom from Nelson Mandela :

"If there is one appeal I could make, it is that young people must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest education possible, so that they can represent us well in the future as future leaders."


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