Advertising Marketing Plan -
Affordable, Credible Business Branding

Advertising marketing plan - your professional branding and image maximizes your business's success and facilitates its future potential growth.

advertising marketing plan

As with most things in life ... public perception is important and if it is worth doing, then do it well!

Outdoor advertising agencies, cheap web advertising or even "advertising on my car" all come at a price.

Economize with our money saving tips for frugal living, but don't compromise on quality.

Start small, investigate the creative advertising ideas below and then increase your advertising exposure as the funds become available.

But don't compromise on your resolution to attract more business through advertising, and more importantly, to keep your customers coming back again and again.

It really doesn't get much better than positive, ever-present, commendable and free "word of-mouth" advertising from happy clients.


Sponsor a local community event like a golf day or a 10km run - your company can offer to pay some of the costs or all of the costs.

Your company and brand is then associated with the event.

You get lots of exposure and coverage and the added benefit of the perception of goodwill within your community.

Investigate the option of free media publicity.

Many local and regional newspapers, and local radio shows are more than happy to give you exposure for a "feel good story" that is linked to your business.

Try and be as active as you can in the community. Your business profile gets more exposure and you reap the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising.

Consider joining your trade association, supplier networks and local business association.

These associations often create their own publications and offer advertising space at discounted or nominal rates.

In-house marketing is a cost effective avenue worth investigating.

Design fliers and distribute them in your local post office boxes. You can also have them delivered to houses as bulk mail or have them posted on civic, church or community bulletin boards.

Establish a computer database and send out regular reminder emails to clients and customers about promotions, specials or service reminders.

All you need is a generic email template and a mail merge facility on your computer and you can reach all your clients by hitting your "enter"

Buy ad-space affordably and wisely for great money saving tips for frugal living.

Purchase remnant or left-over advertising space at a fraction of the initial costs.

Publications offer unused space which is sold at the last minute at very affordable rates.

Start off by buying small ad spaces in the classified sections initially (in regional publications) - gauge the return on your investment before you consider going for bigger adverts.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce for marketing exposure.

They are often willing to sponsor job fairs, displays at local shopping malls or industry fairs and to include your business's website listing under specific business categories on their main website.

Investigate the value of co-operative advertising.

You may find that some publications or local radio stations will be willing to exchange advertising space or air time for services or goods.

Approach your clients and ask them for referrals in exchange for a discount on goods or services rendered.


Your professional public image is very important. Prioritize and economize as your finances allow, but aim to eventually actualize all of the following in your business to business finance:

- a separate checking account for your business

- separate working space for your business

- separate bookkeeping or accounting systems for your business and your personal finances

- a separate business line with an answering machine

- a professional brochure showcasing your company, its services and products

- professional business cards, invoices, quotes, letterheads and stationary displaying your logo and branding

Your advertising marketing plan will promote your business and afford you the opportunity to grow your business even further.

May your company continue growing from strength to strength.

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