Affordable Coverage Health Insurance -
Fight For It; Strive For It;
Insist Upon It Always

Affordable coverage health insurance - one very important area where spending money is likely to save you money and enhance your quality of life.

affordable cover health insurance

You health is everything!

Look after it; cherish it and make sure that you budget for permanent health insurance - always.

Money saving tips for frugal living have their place when it comes to proactive health care savings, low cost individual health insurance or even e health insurance.

Become a money saving expert and save money in other areas - with credit card debt free help or teaching yourself about personal finance

Investigate the practical money saving tips below - but when it comes to your private health insurance - fight for it; strive for it and insist upon it always!


Health insurance coverage is non-negotiable. Fight for it; strive for it and insist upon it always.

Hospital plans can be a more affordable way of financing your health care if you proactively budget for your daily medical expenses.

(Make sure you know exactly what your hospital plan covers - especially any exclusions and additional payments)

Follow the health care plan's guidelines and use the designated service providers (doctors, hospitals, specialists or pharmacies) to minimize co-payments.

Research locally for dental and health services at nearby training medical schools or universities.

Reduced costs or nominal charges often accompany your medical care which is administered by trainee students.

(Students are closely supervised to ensure a high level of professionalism and care.)

Study all your medical bills carefully and question discrepancies.

Insisting on accurate billing can save you money.

(Keep an accurate record of all your non-reimbursed medical expenses for tax purposes - they all add up in the long term)


Emergency room medical care is for emergencies only - don't be tempted to use the emergency room for routine medical care because it may be convenient.

State sponsored vaccination programs are affordable and readily available.

Local clinics that are state subsidized offer excellent care at reduced or free rates

Ask your doctor to prescribed generic drugs that have the same pharmacological action as more expensive brand names.

Where spectacles instead of disposable contact lenses.

Affordable coverage health insurance - keeping you physically and financially healthy.

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