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Antique price guide free ... saving-wiseguidelines for excellent investments in vintage charm and timeless antique classics.

antique price guide free

Investing in beautiful vintage pieces or artifacts can bring a touch of class and the splendor of bygone years into your home.

Carefully chosen antique pieces, not only subtly convey your individual mark on your home, but they are also eco-friendly and have the potential to be a saving-wise investment.

So, if you are exploring further ways to invest money take a look - it may be just what you are looking for.


Set yourself a realistic goal after consulting with antique experts - they will advise you on what an item is currently worth and give you guidelines regarding how much you should be spending.

Remember to keep a record (from the outset) of all purchased items - when, where and for how much you purchased the vintage piece.

Always ask for written certification of the antique item's origin and value.

Look beyond first impressions and don't forfeit purchasing an antique - it may just need some work and most pieces can be expertly restored.

Look for signs of damage, check the back support structures of chairs and evaluate the joints in drawers.

Look for obvious signs of new wood, remnants of recent glue, new screws and handles and then assess the general sturdiness of the item.

Request a condition report that highlights any evident damage.

Remember to factor in the additional costs of re-upholstering or restoring an item and don't forget to include the auction house's buyer's premium if you buy on auction.

You may also want to ask about storage costs should you not be able to take possession of your vintage purchases immediately.

If your aim from an antique price guide free is to make a profit through the resale value of the piece, make sure that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Make sure that you speak to various antique dealers and research thoroughly to ensure you are buying an authentic piece.

You should also consider the retail price of similar pieces.

Vintage dealers tend to be more expensive, but their expert advice is invaluable in ensuring that you purchase pieces that aren't fakes or in a very poor condition.

Credible vintage dealers spend a great deal of time and energy in sourcing original vintage items that are in a good condition and more importantly, items that aren't fakes.

The internet may be an additional avenue for sourcing antique or vintage items, but buyers need to be knowledgeable to ensure that the seemingly genuine piece is fact ... genuine.

Auction houses and companies are a further source of antique pieces and you may generally view the prospective pieces that are up for sale at the auction house a few days before they go on auction.

Some auction houses will allow you to complete a form giving the auctioneer permission to bid on your behalf up to a predetermined maximum amount and many auction houses also have online bidding access - here it is important to research with an antique price guide free online.

When it comes to jewelry make sure that you are buying a vintage piece and not a replica.

Look at broken clasps, stone settings, worn metal surfaces, stones that are missing or green marks on gold plated jewelry.

Try to find a name or a signature on the antique jewelry piece as signed pieces are generally more valuable than unsigned pieces.

If you are looking at ceramics - try the "ping" test against the rim of the item.

It should make a bell-like sound. If the resulting sound is dull, you'll often notice a hairline crack which is likely to minimize its value.

Antique lighting from the 19th century is generally very expensive because of the expensive heavy metals and intricate designs used.

(Remember to differentiate between vintage styled pieces which are reproductions and authentic vintage pieces.

Also remember to include the potential costs of having an antique light fitting re-wired if it no longer works.

Antique price guide free money saving tips for frugal living - a whole new doorway to investing your money and highlighting your creative flair.

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