Beginners Investing -
Keeping An Eye On Your Money

Beginners investing - you want to invest your money wisely and prudently while still creating a realistic return on your investment.

beginners investing

There are a couple of universal money saving tips for frugal living and investing that are worth looking into before you part with your hard earned money.

After all, you want to do everything you can to safeguard your investment without paying too much in the process.

Take the time to go through the investing guidelines checklist below - it may help you to confirm a sound investment option or alert you to "fly by night" operators or investment products.


The motivation behind the financial adviser's "sales pitch" is in my best interest or it is because they are likely to earn a high commission and fees(especially if I change products)?
Are the high returns on the investment being offered realistic, or merely indicative of unsustainable growth and high risks?
Are the total annual expenses of managing the fund portfolio (expenses ratio)reasonable and low enough?
Am I going to be buying shares of the stock just before a dividend is due to be paid out?
If so, will I then in fact be paying capital gains tax on the dividend that was earned before I bought the shares?
Is it possible for me to have one investment account for all my investments so that I only have to pay the maintenance fees for one account?
Is it a saving-wise idea to invest in a dividend investment program where I am able to buy more of the same shares that I currently own without being liable for commission costs?
Is my financial broker open to negotiating reductions in their commission?
Is my investment portfolio diversified enough over a variety of investment options and instruments so that I am able to spread the risk of my investments as well as the potential growth opportunities?
Have I taken note that cash dividends are taxable unless they are in a tax deferred account?
If so, have I considered the option of buying shares of small stock dividend programs where I will get more shares(instead of cash), which are tax free until I finally sell my shares?
Can I negate broker fees by buying government bonds straight from the Treasury?
Do I have a structure in place to meticulously record investment related expenses like financial subscriptions, travel costs related to my investments and broker fees for tax purposes?
Does the free investment seminar that I have been invited to have a "hidden agenda" by promoting products to earn commission rather than considering my personal financial security?
Am I being pressurized into this investment or is everything clearly explained and am I being given the time I need to make this important decision?
Have I got my mind around the general premise that investing is "for the long haul"?
Have I noted that erratic buying and selling of shares or changing investment products will more than likely eat away at my capital and its growth through commission and tax?
Do I know where my money is going and do I understand the basic principle underlying the investment instrument or product?
Do I know which company is managing the investment product?
Do I understand that it is better for beginners investing, initially, to make some money (rather than borrow money), and then invest the money?
Have I acknowledged that prudent investing will not merely retain my capital, but that the return on my investment needs to at least stay abreast of inflation, or hopefully beat inflation?
Have I received writing the initial and yearly costs for the investment and the commission fees, the tax implications, as well as the investment time frame?
Do I know which asset classes I am investing in?
Is the investment company and its product registered with an accredited and regulated financial services board?

Beginners investing - always ask a lot of questions and make sure you get the answers ... before you sign on the dotted line.

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