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Best replacement windows and cheap window replacement? Follow our simple guidelines and your replacement windows cost will allow you to economize without compromise.

best replacement windows

Nothing quite beats the sound of kids playing with a ball in the yard - fun, carefree laughter and an active lifestyle.

Quite often however, your windows may be the casualties and unintended targets in all the fun and games.

So, whether you need double glazing windows or general window glass replacement - diy window replacement ... an easy and practical option for money saving tips for frugal living.


What You'll Need:

- a pre-cut replacement window pane cut to the correct size

- (Measure the inside of the window frame and then cut the replacement glass about 2mm smaller)

- (The thickness of the window glass replacement must correlate with the thickness of the original glass)

- masking tape, putty, fast drying primer and paint for painted window frames, varnish for wooden window frames, fine sandpaper, an old box or garbage can

- safety goggles and gloves

- long-nose pliers, putty knife, chisel, hammer, glaziers points, screw driver and a tape measure

Getting the old glass out:

- If the glass is only cracked stick crisscross masking tape over the surface of the glass and gently hit it with a hammer.

- (Make sure you are wearing your safety goggles and gloves)

- Remove the broken pieces (long-nose pliers are great for those last obstinate pieces) and dispose of them safely.

Getting the window frame ready for the new glass:

- Sand the frame slightly to get rid of old putty and wipe the frame for a clean, smooth surface.

- (Steel frames need a quick fast-drying coat of primer)

- (Wooden frames may need to have the old putty removed with a chisel or putty knife, followed up with 2 coats of varnish to minimize the wood absorbing oil from the putty.)

Old One Out - New One In:

- Soften the putty by kneading it to a smooth, dough like consistency.

- (You can use linseed oil to thin it slightly if the consistency is too dense)

For Steel Frames:

- Roll a long, thin rope of putty.

- Firmly press it next to the inner edge of the window frame with your putty knife.

- Press the replacement pane against the thin layer of putty on the steel frame and use your putty knife to remove the excess putty.

- (For the best replacement windows only press against the sides of the window frame where the glass is at less risk of breaking under pressure).

For Wooden Frames:

- position the window glass replacement as needed

- Secure the glass's position using two glacier's point (one on either side of your hand initially)

- Thereafter, tap the glazier's points into the wood using your putty knife.

- Place additional glazier's points at at 100mm intervals around the entire glass.

Seal The Deal:

- Knead and roll putty into pen thickness strips.

- Place the strips around the entire circumference of the replacement glass.

- After pressing it down firmly with your fingers, smooth it with your putty knife.

Clean Up Your Act:

- Clean the glass with turpentine.

- Let the putty dry for seven to ten days.

Finish It Off:

- Paint or varnish the putty as needed.

-( Steel frames need a universal undercoat followed by a coat of paint that will adhere to the putty and metal frame).

- (Wooden frames need two coats of varnish on the putty followed by a coat of paint that will adhere to the putty).

Best replacement windows are the ones that you do yourself as part and parcel of your annual homebase diy.

Money saving tips for frugal living exemplified!

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