Best Way To Invest Money -
Due Diligence For Informed Investments

Best way to invest money? No magic wand, no definitive formula and no "one-size-fits-all" investment.

best way to invest money

Of course, there are those who profess to guarantee the above - but very likely they are using quite a bit of poetic license.

Now, poetic license is not what you need when it comes to investing in your financial future responsibly and wisely.

What you do need is to understand:

  • what you what you want to achieve through your investment,
  • how to realistically achieve your goal
  • and most importantly you need to understand what investment instrument your are investing in.


You want to invest your money to ultimately gain control of your destiny and financial freedom. That's a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly.

You may have approached a financial broker or a financial institution for some investment advice and chances are that you may also have come away from the meeting confused with no further clarity.

It is incredibly important that you do understand exactly where, why and how your money will be invested.

If you don't - then take your time, do some research and investigate other options.

Now, many may say, "But how do I get to understand more about my investment options?" and the answer quite simply is to start reading.

You need to read widely and broadly about a wide range of financial investment instruments - money markets, unit trusts, real estate, commodities, stock and shares.

Initially, you may not understand very much of what you are reading. But persevere. Keep reading financial newspapers, investment magazines and even internet articles.

Eventually all the numbers and the jargon will start making some sense - but don't stop there.

Read critically, focus on ignoring the bias that most articles contain. Remember they are very often written from a specific point of view with a particular slant or intention behind them.

By reading broadly and critically you should slowly but surely start to separate "fads and hype and sensational jumping on the band-wagon marketing" from the more "tried and tested" investment options.

This all takes time - a huge amount of time and a lot of effort - especially in the beginning stages.

But it is worth the time and effort - in fact it is almost imperative to learn to invest money.

You have it within you right now to broaden your financial education so that you can make informed decisions about your long-term financial security.

Don't take short cuts. Don't be tempted to accept unequivocally any advice (including the advice given on this website) without question.

Don't forget that financial brokers and planner generally work on a commission basis.

It's not to say that you won't receive reputable and legitimate financial advice that is clearly within your best interests -

- but you need to understand enough in order to confirm that their particular strategy is in fact the best long-term, sustainable investment option.

Best way to invest money? Know (yourself, - not because someone tells you) where your money is going and why it is a good investment.

Here's to a life-long journey aimed at developing your financial knowledge!

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