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Best ways to invest money? There are so many different ways of investing money - enough to make your head spin!

best ways to invest money

As you continue with your journey towards becoming your own money saving expert, you'll need some sound advice along the way.

With so many creative ways to make money (some a little too creative perhaps) - some sound guidance to investing money is definitely a good idea.

You have worked really hard for your money - don't just hand it over to the first person who offers you an amazing return on your investment.

If it sounds too good to be true - well perhaps it is?

So, whether you are looking at investing stocks or in money market funds, do your homework first.



  • Look around and aim to find a company or brokerage firm that is officially registered with a reputable financial services provider.

  • Look at your broker's training and background and investment experience.

  • Look for degrees in formal financial and accounting faculties that will confirm your broker's expertise in investing your money.

  • Look for an investment company or broker who has a proven track record and high levels of credibility.


Learn the answers to the following - do your homework thoroughly

  • Learn exactly how much your broker will be paid for his / her services?

  • Learn whether or not they will be paid on a commission basis, a bonus or a percentage asset running management fee?

  • Learn whether you will be able to contact the brokers directly who will actively be working with your money?

  • Learn how easily you will be able to contact them?

  • Learn how the investment process for your money will be structured?

  • Learn if there is a minimum investment threshold?

  • Learn about which asset classes your money will be invested in?

  • Learn how accessible your potential future payouts will be structured and how easily they can be accessed?

  • Learn how frequently you will be given feedback and reports regarding the standing your investments?


  • Listen to the feedback you receive - whether it is word of mouth, internet research, complaint websites or satisfied investors?
  • Listen to your instinct - creative ways to make money can ( as I'm sure you know)  sometimes be a little too creative!
  • Listen to facts not emotive persuasion. If it sounds too good to be true ... now more than ever  you need to dig deeper, look further. Be tenacious until you can confirm that it will be a sound investment for your hard earned money.

Best ways to invest money - do your homework and find an honorable and credible broker with a proven track record that is open and transparent!

Then you will learn to invest money and be saving-wise - definitely great money saving tips for frugal living!

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