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Best ways to save money and still have a fabulous, entertaining time dining out with family and friends? Keep reading!

best ways to save money

There are a couple of great money saving tips for frugal living when it comes to entertaining on a budget.

Work hard - of course - but then take the time out for a little rest and relaxation.

Excellent company, a glass of wine, a super meal ... definitely worth enjoying every now and again - even on your lifelong aim to remain saving-wise.


Maximize your savings by enjoying the "house" wines and staying away from glamorous sounding cocktails with bright umbrellas.

If you really have your heart set on an exotic cocktail buy your own mixers and swirl up a batch at home - resplendent with cherries and umbrellas.

You guests will enjoy an elegant start to the evening - setting the tone for a magical memory.

All inclusive prices for a buffet that encompasses a starter, a variety of main courses, dessert, coffee, cheese and biscuits is very often excellent value for money.

You'll find that the menu tends to cater for everyone and portion sizes are more than adequate - in fact some buffets allow you to eat as much as you like

(definite money saving tip if your guests have a large appetite or for graduation celebrations.)

A further note on money saving tips for dessert - apart from sharing desserts (good for the pocket and the waistline)

Let's face it ... dessert adds that touch of indulgent decadence and luxury, albeit in somewhat frugal times.

So - explore the master chef in you and whip up an amazingly impressive dessert at home and invite your guest for dessert and freshly ground coffee at home.

Some background music, subdued lights or candle and you've rounded off the evening simply, elegantly and effortlessly.

(PS - it is always nice to chat quietly without having to contend with the hustle and bustle of restaurant noise and clatter)

Don't brush off the potential savings spin offs from "freebies" when it comes to restaurant entertaining.

Restaurant discount coupons, discount restaurant gift certificates, buy one meal get one free, kids under 12 eat free and "early sittings" all contribute to significant savings.

You economize on an evening on the town without compromising on the enjoyment of a superb meal.

The chef's specials of the day - wonderful cuisine that very often comes with a not-so-special price.

Don't be reluctant to ascertain the exact price of any specials before you order them.

(A further tips - rather order one big table salad for everyone to share than smaller individual salads - money saving tip allowing you to enjoy a salad ... inexpensively.)

Earn extra loyalty points at a restaurant by ordering your meal as a take-away - great for an anniversary celebration.

Set the table at home ( maybe even in the garden) with beautiful linen, napkins, serving platters, candles and flowers - effective event planning guidelines

Uncork an inexpensive but palatable bottle of wine and decant it into stunning wine glasses - you've created a wonderful meal and a superb atmosphere at a fraction of the cost.

(You also have the added bonus of very little fuss and you still earn your loyalty points that you can redeem in the future.)

Best ways to save money while dining out at a restaurant - explore them, incorporate them and enjoy your special celebration knowing that you have been saving wise.

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