Business Travel Tips – Saving You Time
Saving You Money

Business travel tips – you time is valuable. You have places to be and you can’t afford unnecessary time delays when it comes to your business travelling.

You can save more on your time and ultimately on your business expenses, through careful planning to avoid last minute time delays that will ultimately ended up costing you more.

Travelling lightly should also be a goal when it comes to lifestyle and business travel, but so too should saving-wise business travelling tips and guidelines.

Cast your eye over other great tips in our free trip planner and add them to the free business travel saving ideas below.

Business Travel Tips

  • Make sure that you have had all the necessary inoculations and vaccinations required and suggested for your destination.
  • You really don’t want to be refused entry either into a foreign country or upon your return to your home country because you haven’t had the necessary jabs.
  • Invest is great time-saving luggage.
  • If it is at all possible try and pack in a quality and durable carry-on suitcase.
  • You’ll save time by skipping the long queues at the luggage carousel as you wait for your cargo luggage to eventually arrive.
  • You’ll also, potentially save even more time should your luggage get lost on route and you have to pester airport officials to locate your luggage because you need your formal black suit / dress for a business presentation or corporate cocktail party.
  • If carry-on luggage is not an option and you really need more packing space because of the nature of your business, spend the extra money initially and invest in a suitcase with four wheels.
  • The ease of movement and the fact the fact that you can wheel your luggage next to you may dissuade potential thieves – definitely a money saving perk.
  • Bubble wrap goes a long way to cutting costs, as does investing in a hand-held scale.
  • You don’t want to be in position where you need to pay luggage fines because your luggage is over the stipulated weight limit.
  • Have your paperwork and foreign exchange money requirements ready and available.
  • You should have a hard printed out copy of your e-ticket number to facilitate being issued with a boarding pass.
  • If you know that the nature of your work requires some flexibility, try and book your flight ticket with an option that affords you the flexibility should you need to make any last minute flight changes.
  • Login in to the online check-in [usually 24 hours before your flight] and maximize your chances of getting a great a seat – hopefully near the emergency exits as they tend to have more space and leg room.
  • If you have frequent flyer miles, ask your travel agent how many you would need to upgrade and then decide if it is worth redeeming some of your frequent flyer miles.
  • Make sure that you also have printed hard copies of all booking vouchers, confirmation of accommodation and care hire documentation.
  • It is also a good idea to make sure that you have an international driver’s license for your destination country should you be using a rental vehicle instead of public transport.
  • Speaking of rental cars – it is definitely a good idea to book your rental car with a GPS  - knowing exactly where you need to be going will not only ensure your punctuality, but it’ll save you a whole lot of stress and frustration at detour delays.

Travel insurance is a must when it comes to international travel – make sure your rental car insurance is comprehensive, your health insurance is adequate and your life insurance is sorted.

Keep all your travel insurance safely with you at all times for emergencies.


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