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Buying a car tips? Tips on budgeting and new car buying tips can still lead to fantastic frugal finds in these frugal times.

buying a car tips

The most important and one of the really cheap ways to save money when it comes to travel and transport savings is to try and hold onto your existing car for longer.

Perhaps not the most glamorous or exciting approach - but it is definitely the most affordable and cost effective!

If, after a great deal of research, budgeting and internal debate with your saving-wise conscience, you still need to spend money on a new car ...

Then take note of these money saving techniques:


Research thoroughly before you decide to buy a car.

You need to know the make and type of the car that you wish to purchase, the market related price and any specific special extras that you want included.

Then stick to your decision and don't be swayed by a salesman's pitch.

Don't be tempted to buy a car where you need to pay an above average premium to insure the car.

Your ultimate buying a car tips is to aim to pay cash for your car.

However, in most cases this is seldom feasible or realistic ... so compare rates until your source the best finance loan.

Take it one step further and try really hard not to exceed financing your new car for more than a three year finance period.

The end of the month and the end of model year are often optimal times to buy a car.

Car dealers are expected to meet projected target for commission purposes at the end of each month and they may be more willing to negotiate a lower commission to "seal a deal."

Similarly, the end of the year may result in a surplus of cars that need to be sold to clear the floor and to make way for the next year's newer model.

A higher supply and less of a demand can lead to significant savings.

Leasing a car can be perceived as "golden handcuffs".

It tends to be more expensive to lease a car than to borrow money to buy a car.

However, the "real-cost" is the reality that owners who lease their cars, generally replace their cars more frequently than owners who buy their cars.

A car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the show-room floor ... so hold onto your old car for as long as possible.

Extended warranties and maintenance plans are seldom worth the additional expense - so scrutinize them carefully before you purchase them.

It is worth mentioning again - cars depreciate as soon as you drive them home ...

So consider buying a good "newer" second hand car or even a "demo" model, that is in a good condition, from a reliable and reputable dealer or broker.

You'll pay less with used car buying tips, waste less money in the depreciation and still be able to afford a reliable and cost-effective car.

Buying a car tips - be frugal, focus on your needs, rather than your wants, and you'll be managing your money wisely.

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