Cheap Apartments For Rent -
What To Look At

Cheap apartments for rent - they are out there and there are a couple of basic avenues that are worth exploring if you want to save money as a renter.

Your rental expenses can easily account for a significant slice of your disposable income.

cheap apartments for rent

Make sure that you get the very best offer, before you sign a renters application and a renters agreement.

The extra time that you invest will be one of your best money saving tips for frugal living.


Firstly, you need to develop the mindset of negotiation, especially when times are tough. You will find that a number of landlords will have properties that are vacant, and many may have been standing empty for a while.

People are consolidating and trying to save money, and more and more people are sharing accommodation. The result is an over supply of apartments and houses for rent and a lesser demand for them.

This is definitely an economic environment that you need to capitalize on - offer a lower, yet still realistic rent. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, especially if you invest your savings and then benefit from the principle of compound interest.

Investing the time and effort in sourcing your own cheap apartments for rent is another relatively easy money saving tip for frugal living. There are so many affordable options that are simple to explore and often result in great offers. You save money by either not having to pay a broker's fee or by saving on the owner including the broker's fee in your rental payments.

Your local newspaper and bulletin boards at your nearby shopping mall are good places to start. The benefit is that the apartments advertised are likely to be in the area that you are interested in landlords are often more open to renting to people who are already residing in the area.

An afternoon drive around a designated area can also yield fantastic results when it comes to finding cheap apartments for rent. You'll get to confirm whether this is indeed the area that you'd like to live in and you should spot a couple of boards with contact details that you can follow up on Monday morning. A quick phone call and a visit to the prospective apartment could see you signing a renters contract by the end of the week.

Of course, an online search for cheap apartments for rent is an even more cost effective option. You surf the web from the comfort of your own home. You'll find a number of apartments. Some will be "good", some will be "bad" and others may just be plain "ugly".

But persevere - eliminate the "bad and the ugly" and make a list of the good ones that fit your requirements that you can then follow up on.

Keep in mind that it is generally a good money saving tip to stay away from buildings that are too old and outdated. There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done and the landowner is likely to try and recoup some of the costs by adding it to your rent.

Similarly, you don't want to be at the receiving end of antiquated electrical, heating or cooling systems that offer very little in the way of insulation or even solar power energy - they'll eat away at your income if they are not efficient and affordable.

When it comes to your renters lease or renters application there are also quite a few saving wise tips to consider.

First of, when you fill in your renters application, be aware that your landlord will more than likely undertake a renters credit check. It is in your best interest to be aware of what a credit score rating entails, so that you can ensure that your renters background check isn't compromised in any way.

With that out of the way, you really need to make sure that you read, and more importantly understand your renters contract before you sign it.

Possible clauses to consider include:

  • the availability of parking and whether or not it is included in your rental costs
  • you should insist on interest being paid on your deposit an determine upfront exactly what interest will be paid on your rental deposits
  • make sure the contract also stipulated the rental increases as a percentage so that there are no unforeseen surprises when a new rental fee suddenly becomes a reality
  • make sure that you know up front exactly what utilities, levies or any extraordinary fees you may be liable for on a day to day basis
  • determine at the outset if you make any improvements or refurbishments if you will in fact be reimbursed for them or if you will be entitled to a slightly lower rental payment to recoup your cost
  • if you are not going to be reimbursed, don't spend your hard earned money to increase the capital value of the apartment for your landlord

Finally, consider sharing and apartment.

The costs or renting a bigger apartment and then sharing it with compatible roommates can be an effective money saving tips for frugal living.

You may find that you will save on shared utilities, cleaning services, bulk in buying when it comes to food and cleaning products, the cost of furnishing your apartment initially, shared transport and travel costs if practical and even security and insurance costs.

All that remains is to wish you happy hunting for cheap apartments for rent - may you find the apartment, and more importantly, the rental fee, of your dreams!

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