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Cheap auto insurance rates, ideas to save on mortgage insurance, home and life insurance tips to save you money and to safeguard your claim payout...? Read further.

cheap auto insurance rates

Your lifestyle is important. Proactively plan ahead to insure that you can maintain your lifestyle in the face of any eventuality!

But do it the saving-wise way with money saving tips that apply to all your lifestyle insurance needs, including affordable coverage health insurance.

Insurance money saving tips for frugal living - worth a look financially and for some much needed peace of mind too.


Consider installing the latest security measures in your car - you may qualify for a lower premium.

Be honest about disclosing previous claims so that insurance companies can assess your premium proactively to safeguard your claim payout should the need arise.

Make sure you nominate if your car will be used for business or private purposes (or both).

Your claim may be refused if you have an accident while on business and you didn't specify the need for business insurance.

You can save a great deal of money by voluntarily opting to raise the deductibles on your car and general insurance policies and by investigating which discount you may qualify for.

Take the time to research your own comparative quote for various automobile insurance companies.

This way you get the best value for money by finding the most competitive deal to suit your needs.

If you are able to - pay your insurance premiums annually rather than monthly to save on monthly service charges.

Try to buy your insurance directly from the insurance company to save on potential commission costs.

Qualify for additional insurance discounts by consolidating and purchasing all your insurance coverage (including umbrella liability insurance) from one company.

Make sure you make them aware of additional security measures or lifestyle choices that may entitle you to further deductions.

Purchase your insurance coverage from credible and financially sound insurance companies (stay away from fly-by-night companies that may sound too good to be true).

Don't be tempted to under-insure your lifestyle.

Make you own assessment of your insurance needs and then discuss them with a financial broker.

A financial broker may confirm your assessment or perhaps alert you to additional factors that you may not have considered.

Always make your assessment based on the replacement cost - for your car, home or personal possessions.

Save money on cheap auto insurance rates and general lifestyle insurance coverage by being proactive, diligent and saving-wise.

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