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Cheap Caribbean vacations - the words "cheap" and "Caribbean"... definitely seem like a contradiction in terms?

cheap caribbean vacations

Well, they certainly appeared that way to me.

The Caribbean conjures up images of white beaches, azure waters, bronzed bodies, exotic cocktails and magical memories ... not exactly "affordable" and "cheap" for the best vacation deals?

Saving-wise sleuthing for saving money on cruises reveal that cheap Caribbean all inclusive vacations, while not the most frugal option, were certainly worth investigating for money saving tips for frugal living.

Cheap Caribbean cruises - some surprising holiday saving tips!


Book in advance and consider reserving a standard cabin .

After all you only spend time sleeping in your cabin - there are too many other amazing adventures to enjoy on board the cruise ship or while visiting the magical surrounding islands!

You'll return to your cabin late at night and drift off into an exhausted but happy sleep.

Children and teens under 18 often cruise for free or at significantly reduced rates.

If you have ever tried to feed perpetually hungry teens then this is one of the best vacation deals for you.

Your cruise generally includes all meals - breakfast, lunch and supper, as well as late night pizza, all day ice-cream and morning and afternoon tea.

While the initial cruise price may seem a bit steep - you really do enjoy incredible value for money when it comes to food and true relaxation (no meals to prepare and better still... no dishes to wash!)

  • Entertainment costs? All inclusive!
  • You'll be entertained 24/7. No bored kids, no extra entertainment costs - only a lifetime of magical memories.
  • The cruise ships offer an excess of high quality entertainment - you'll be spoiled for choice.
  • On board you'll be able to enjoy swimming, games, gym, cabaret shows, theater performances, colorful carnivals, kids corner with supervision and care, ice skating and comedy shows to mention but a few.
  • Your visits to the nearby islands will see you lazing in hammocks, drifting in turquoise oceans and wandering through local markets - all at no extra cost to your pocket.

Cheap Caribbean vacations ... well worth saving for!

Become saving-wise for the initial reservation costs and then relax and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

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