Cheap Christmas Gifts -
Elegantly Affordable Christmas Winners

Cheap Christmas gifts help you to economize without compromising that special something, that magical quality that Christmas seems to symbolize to so many people.

cheap christmas gifts

Christmas takes you back to a time of childhood wonder and awe, nostalgic memories of family dinners, sleepless nights filled with anticipation and the excitement of opening your first Christmas gift.

It is definitely a time of giving and receiving, laughter shared, bonds forged, stunning decorations and a legacy of magical memories.

I love buying gifts for family and friends and sharing Christmas Day surrounded by the important people in my life!

Economize where you can on inexpensive Christmas gifts and Christmas party ideas? Absolutely!

Compromise on building a lifetime of memories and nostalgia? Definitely not!


Brightly colored beach towels or woven mats - memories of vacations recalled in the years that lie ahead.

Learn to juggle kits - fun and coordination for young and old (not to mention good spirited laughter at mishaps initially)

Fragranced hand cream, scented drawer liners, lingerie scented sachets and an affordable writing journal - fantastic and sure to be appreciated by almost all the ladies in your life.

A few quality magazines beautifully presented in an inexpensive box with a raffia ribbon - they'll cherish the relaxing "me time" reading their favorite magazine.

Unusual hand-made or craft market sourced Christmas decorations - cocooned in tissue paper and a special box ( sure to be used again and again).

Burn a CD of the recipient's favorite music - after all ... "if music be the food of life - play on" - and they will as they appreciate the music in their car or on their ipod.

Family themed gift baskets are a great idea - Christmas cake and mince pies, a bottle of good wine, simple glass jars filled with homemade cookies, red and white candy sticks and a gourmet bottle of olive oil (something to tickle everyone's fancy - and taste buds).

Find something that the recipient loves or is passionate about, buy and inexpensive theme related poster and frame it (consider box mounting it for that extra special touch).

A set of gardening gloves and a container herb garden gift - back to nature, out in the sunshine, and great for money saving meals.

Exotic coffee beans and a beautiful coffee mug - whispers of faraway lands with your daily cup of java ... always a winner.


Buy your food for your Christmas party in advance - pop one or two items into your weekly shopping cart and spread the spending load over a couple of months.

(Tinned and dried food, alcoholic beverages, sodas, snacks and biscuits - anything that has a relatively long shelf life and an expiry date that will make it to Christmas day.)

Buy your Christmas decorations and cards at the clearance sales in January for the Christmas that lies ahead at the end of the year.

Choose a one or two colored decor theme - simple, elegant and economical (affordable tea lights work wonders for any event planning guidelines too ... so stock up well in advance).

And if you are super organized and you have a list handy of who you need to buy cheap Christmas gifts for ... and what to get for them - then try and buy one or two gifts weekly or monthly ( well in advance again - great money saving tips for frugal living)

Not sure what to buy? Make a point of listening to your friends and family throughout the year. You're sure to pick up some great ideas.

Jot them down and you're good to go!

Cheap Christmas gifts ... may you have as much pleasure in buying and wrapping your gifts as your family and friends will get from receiving your thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Happy Christmas to one and all!

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