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Cheap decorating ideas that will transform you house into a simply elegant and wonderful home.

cheap decorating ideas

There is nothing quite like moving into your first apartment, buying your first home or even retiring to that special sea-side cottage.

Either way, those empty rooms will soon become your sanctuary - a cocooning environment where you will eat, dream, love, pray and share many magical moments.

Transform your home, create your own unique and personalized decor style and do it all while you economize without compromise.

Cheap home decorating ideas are free and only need your own flair and imaginative twist to form part of your money saving tips for frugal living.


"Eating in" definitely saves you money and the memories that you create while sharing great money saving meals with family and friends really are priceless.

Keep your bargain hunting eyes open for an old solid wooden table. With some creative thought, stripping, liming or any of your favorite paint techniques, you'll soon have a focal and striking piece of furniture - cheaply purchased

Create a memorable focal feature by hanging lovely pots and pans from sturdy hooks in the ceiling - not only will they be easily stored, but they will lend atmosphere to your kitchen.

Old discarded wooden floorboards from houses that have been renovated can be transformed into sturdy storage solutions. A good sanding and some varnish ... and you will have created solid and durable storage features at a fraction of the cost.

A left over piece of a granite slab or even old marble, placed on top of an inexpensive set of drawers becomes a durable work surface as well as storage place.

(Mount the drawers on a set of wheels and you will have the added advantage of movable storage)

Spoons and spatulas, loosely arranged in a beautiful old (and even chipped) ceramic or pottery jug doubles as a display feature and a storage solution.

A container herb garden is not only a great saving-wise way of growing your own fresh herbs, but it brings with it a beautiful fragrant aroma as well as being an effective display feature.

An inexpensive piece of hardboard, cheaply painted with chalkboard paint and framed with remnants of an old frame solves your time planning and grocery list for the family.

A set of two or three continental pillows, covered in pillow cases reflecting your chosen color schemes, can double as a headboard or even informal seating options for cheap decorating ideas.

You may want to consider a futon with heaps of brightly colored cushions and pillows for an economical alternative to a mattress base set.

Dense foam mattresses instead of more expensive coiled spring mattress will see you nodding off to dreamland without worrying about how to pay your bills.

Don't discount sleeper couches. Not only are they are versatile and cheaply priced decor furniture alternatives, but contemporary sleeper couches are really comfortable and luxurious too.

(Unbleached calico that has been cut to size and hemmed will give an old sofa or couch a new ease of life - and it'll cost you very little).

Square or rectangle remnants of striking fabric can be stretched over a canvas frame for a beautiful wall feature.

Another cheap wall covering decor idea is to frame squares of beautiful fabric that has been pasted onto backing board and surrounded by mounting board.

Color or black and white photocopies of special pictures or landscapes can be framed in store bought frames and arranged in groups of three or five for an eye-catching display.

Another affordable trend is to cut out simple words (love, hope, dream, laugh and love) in wood or even hardboard, paint them and then arrange them strategically on one your walls.

A set of cheap plates with a striking pattern or a simple theme can be arranged on a wall to create a beautiful work of art.

Stenciling, wallpaper and paneled wood are definitely worth investigating if you would like to bring atmosphere and texture into your room and should definitely have a place in your arsenal of cheap decorating ideas.

Don't forget to focus on introducing the finishing touches to your decor style to personalize your home and to reflect your personality.

The pebbles that you picked up during you last summer beach vacation or cheap Caribbean vacation can be displayed in a cheap glass vase and a row of stained colored vases with a single fresh flower in each vase creates a simple and elegant showpiece for your dining room table or mantle piece.

Quirky doorknobs and new door handles can give old doors and closets a new lease of life and pre-cast cornices and cupboard moldings add that extra special finishing touch to any room.

For final but classic and timeless cheap decorating ideas remember to:

include a few beautiful plants for a touch of greenery,

inexpensive scented candles in lanterns for simple and elegant candlelit ambiance and atmosphere,

and a lemon tree in an elegant pot for a daily lemon scented and fragrant home.

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