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Cheap family vacations are within your reach. Practical money saving tips for frugal living - saving-wise ideas so you can see more and do more.

cheap family vacations

Vacations, holidays, road trips or even cheap villa holidays - make your money go further so you can soak up the sun and surf, snowy mountain peaks or relaxing cheap Caribbean vacations!

You've sourced the best vacation deals - now economize even further without compromising your holiday fun and adventure.

Here's to magical moments still to come!


Mini-bars are a "no go" area. Rather buy your drinks from the duty free shop at the airport and your water and snacks from an affordable local market or cafe.

Seek out the local cafes instead of eating out in the hotel restaurant or ordering room service.

A self catering vacation is an affordable holiday option - you bring the fundamentals with you or source them cheaply at local street markets.

Use the bus, tube or subway going to and from the airport - it is much cheaper than a cab or a taxi.

(Call on your family and friends to take you to the airport and then to collect you again when you return or share a cab with someone)

Make use of the pay phone in the lobby of your hotel rather than opting to make expensive calls from your hotel room.

When you hire a car ask for a diesel and then fill up from the larger supermarket filling stations - gas tends to be less expensive there.

(When you return the car to the rental company - fill it up yourself.)

Confirm with your automotive insurer whether it is possible to extend your cover to include traveling overseas.

When it comes to flying:

*fly during the week rather than over weekends and be sure to compare at least three different flight quotes

*make your airline reservations well in advance

*investigate all inclusive fight packages that may include accommodation and car hire

*stopover flights are potentially better value for money than a direct flight

*if a specific date isn't imperative, consider flying standby or wait until the last minute to book your travel requirement - last minute travel discounts can be well worth the wait.

*make sure that you consider all the costs to be charged when comparing flight prices

*plan ahead and exchange your money before you leave and not at the airport (while you are at it - make sure you know how much it will cost you to use your debit and credit card abroad)

*consider joining "frequent flier programs" and accumulate travel miles

Accommodation saving-wise considerations include:

*"bed and breakfast" options can be cost effective and affordable

*youth hostels offer practical accommodation very economically

*university or college dormitory stays - definitely worth investigating

*cheap villa holidays - take a closer look - you may be in for a pleasant surprise

*hire a recreational vehicle or barge - you'll see more and do more

*enroll for hotel loyalty programs

*consider a "home-swapping" vacation or even a camping and backpacking holiday

*"out of season" accommodation savings are great value for money

Cheap family vacations - terrific travel tips - bon voyage, travel safely and have a blast!

You deserve it.

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