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Consumer credit help - it takes years to build your consumer credit report ... economize mindfully and you won't compromise your future credit ratings.

consumer credit help

Our consumer spending habits can get a little out of hand every now and again. We are canvassed by consumer mailing lists, promotional sales and great special offers.

That's okay - now and again is manageable!

But then, economize, be saving-wise and pull in the financial reins for a while.

In a nutshell - no "last minute' purchases, create a budget and stick to it!

(Try a few of the free money saving tips for frugal living listed below to get the money saving momentum rolling)


Credit cards have one of the highest interest rates - so pay off your entire credit card account every month.

Your incremental savings on the high interest rates will save you a great deal of money - a great start to debt free solutions.

While you are at it - look around for a credit card that offers you - the consumer - the lowest interest rate options.

(Keep an eye on your monthly credit card itemized account - mistakes do creep in and they are not very often to your advantage)

Sales have the potential to be a cost effective money saving strategy - but only if you buy an item on sale because you needed it and not merely because it is on sale.

Most things tend to go on sale eventually - so keep your eyes open and read newspaper advertisement brochures for promotions.

Compare prices in mail order catalogues too - you may find some great offers that will save you money and time - delivery to you doorstep, fuel savings and the endless trudging from shop to shop.

(Just remember to factor in all the "extra costs" - postage, delivery and insurance - and it's worth mentioning again - only buy a product if you need it.)

Timing can be a great money saving technique.

It's always a good ideas to buy high cost items that are used in a particular season - in an off-season period.

Purchase your heater in summer, your air conditioner in winter, Valentine's Day cards,  romantic gifts, Christmas cards and decorations soon after the occasion - great special offers are available and you'll pay a fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind that sales consultants and stores very often need to meet their sales targets on a monthly or a annual basis.

You are more likely to bargain with a store and negotiate a discount towards the end of the month or year - particularly when it comes to car buying tips.

Less is more when it comes to consumer credit help - keep it simple and consolidate, consolidate ... consolidate!

Use one checking account if at all possible (the one with the lowest fees attached to all transactions) and you'll save money on banking charges.

Consolidate a couple of high interest debts into one loan with a lower interest rate.

Consolidate and reduce the number of payments that you need to make on your mortgage, your credit card and any other higher-purchase agreement by paying off more than you need to every month.

Seemingly insignificant savings all culminate into a snowball of bigger, longer-term savings.

Go on - take it back!

If you don't like what you have bought; if you know you won't use it; if it is a gift that you really cannot use - take it back.

It'll put money in your pocket and de-clutter your home ... a win-win situation.

Consumer credit help - reining in your spending little by little.

Life-long savings ... more of a marathon rather than a sprint!

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