Consumer Spending Habits - Overspending
Pitfalls That Lead To Debt

Your consumer spending habits can either keep you on the right track in your quest for a saving-wise lifestyle, or they can lead you on the road to overspending and debt.

consumer spending habits

It really can be quite a vicious circle! We are exposed to so many debt traps, we overspend and end up accumulating more and more debt.

Take a step back and look at how your negative consumer habits may be culminating in an ever bigger snowball of debt.

Identify three or four "debt traps" that characterize your spending and try and neutralize them with strategies to save money and consumer credit help.

Now is the time to start working on breaking the vicious debt cycle - step by step and day by day.


Do any of the following negative consumer spending habits characterize your spending habits and increase your chances of credit card debt?

Do you feel that you need to buy items that are on sale because you are saving money?

Don't go shopping with people you will encourage you to spend more than you absolutely need to.

Do you feel compelled to look into affordable auto sales so you can replace and upgrade your car every five years?

Look into used car buying tips instead of buying brand new cars - they depreciate almost immediately.

Do you find it difficult to pay off your full credit card bill every month and feel you need credit counseling debt relief?

Get into the habit of drawing cash and then leaving your credit cards at home.

Do you feel that you buying the latest trends and technology, especially cell phones, are a bit of a status symbol?

Investigate ways to save on your cell phone bills.

Do you ever find yourself shopping as a means of escaping stress or reality?

Train yourself to buy only the items that you need and don't pile your trolley full of items.

How often do you buy similar items and keep them in the closet(very often with the original price tags still on)?

Take the items back the next day if you made a foolish impulse purchase or a mistake.

Do you ever use your credit card to finance day to day spending or to withdraw cash?

Budget accurately and withdraw the cash that you will need for the week and then investigate other bank savings.

Do you often find yourself internet shopping or exploring internet auction sites?

Rather go in person to antique and vintage auctions for money saving purchases.

Do you spend all your money quite quickly at the beginning of the month and then end up incurring debt because you haven't budgeted correctly (or at all)?

Join a bank that sends you a text message every time you buy something or spend money for a visual "spending reminder".

Is your generous nature getting you into more and more debt?

A generous spirit is wonderful for the recipients but it will not help you in your quest for proactive and purposeful retirement savings plan.

Consumer spending habits - tackle them head-on and one at a time ... and pretty soon you too will become a money saving expert.

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