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Credit card debt free help - taking back control of your financial freedom!

credit card debt free help

Making purchases on credit do have a role to play within a sound financial framework and strategy.

Good debt, provided that it is prudently controlled within a well managed financial plan can afford you the opportunity to grow your business while minimizing the all too real threat of being caught in "credit traps".

Credit card debt solutions and credit card debt management solutions - focus on being proactive rather than reactive. Aim to prevent unmanageable, snowballing debt before it becomes crippling.

Too late? Found yourself caught up in spiraling credit card debt?

Acknowledge your debt and follow the practical guidelines to become saving-wise!

Economize and don't compromise on your sound financial strategy to freedom debt relief.


Don't use your credit card to meet your monthly financial obligations.

You compromise your financial independence and freedom by accumulating high interest credit card debt that is hard to pay off.

Try to borrow as little as possible so that you move away from an excessive debt and minimal saving scenario.

If you do need to incur debt aim at incurring good debt (debt where you borrow money to buy something that is likely to increase in value - property that you rent out to generate cash flow into your pocket).

Of course the opposite is also true. Aim at minimizing bad debt (debt where you borrow money to pay for something that will depreciate quickly - a new car, the latest computer or a luxurious new sofa)

Spend your money on what you need and to a far, far lesser degree on what you want.

You are relinquishing control of your financial independence if you remain trapped by the notion of "keeping up with the Jones's."

Don't be tempted to use your home loan to finance "bad debt".

You will be chaining yourself to life-long debt and walking a precarious tight-rope that is vulnerable to increased interest rates and unavoidable financial emergencies.

Know what you are letting yourself in for.

Read the fine print so that you are aware of all the cost implications.

Consider interest on the credit card or loan, finance costs, insurance and all the financial jargon.

Warning: do not use your credit card as a means of withdrawing cash.

Your debt and interest will increase exponentially and you will end up paying a great deal more than you withdrew.



Investigate the following potential options for your credit card debt solutions:

Consolidate your debt and take out one bigger loan.

With credit card debt management services you may be able to negotiate a better interest rate.

Be saving-wise and be wary of deals with a low-interest rate but a very long repayment period.

Never sign for debt that expects you to use your home as collateral for the loan.

Apply for a text message service that informs you when you are close to reaching your pre determined spending limit.

Move your existing credit card debt to another credit card that offers you a lower interest rate.

A serious word of warning: do not be tempted to make any purchases on the new credit card.

It is merely a medium to help you pay back your existing debt at a lower interest rate.

Credit card debt free help - helping yourself and taking control of your financial freedom by teaching personal finance with strategies to save money.

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