Credit Card Fraud Alert - Be Aware;
Be Alert ... Save Your Money

Credit card fraud alert - be aware of exceedingly more inventive credit card fraud risks, protect your hard earned money and extend your saving wise education.

credit card fraud alert

There has been, and continues to be, a massive increase in credit card fraud reporting.

More and more people have found themselves defrauded of their money as they become yet another statistic of credit card fraud - with fraudster becoming more and more sophisticated, determined and largely elusive.

Protect your savings plan and take note of ways to minimize credit card debt and to extend your knowledge of strategies to save money.


Card skimming - a process where your personal information on the magnetic strip of your card is copied using a hand-held device while you are not looking, has been identified as the main act of card fraud.

There has also been an increase in similar scanning devices being attached to ATM's - so where possible try to physically withdraw money from an ATM inside a bank.

Make sure that you sign up for the additional security benefits that most banks currently offer:

-you will be sent a One Time Pin number to your cell phone or a Random Verification Number

-you will need to use this number when you are transacting online - so even if fraudsters have your card details they will be unable to transact without the relevant pass codes.

-sign up for free fraud alerts that will notify you if unusual spending is taking place

-download the free security software that most banks offer to safeguard your computer from unauthorized attack

-sign up for account alerts every time you transact using your card

-if you receive a transacting alert, and it is not you, you can immediately inform the bank to close your account or put a hold on the account

Further credit card fraud alert and tips:

Don't be tempted to use a free public network at your favorite coffee shop to complete your online banking.

Don't use the same password for every account or website that you log into.

Don't give your card to a waiter or sales person to be swiped and processed if they need to take it to another room or a cash register that is not within your sight - rather go with them.

Don't keep your PIN or password on your cell phone to jog your memory - there is a very real risk that your cell phone may be stolen.

Don't use your card online unless there is a gold padlock on the web browser.

Don't detail your PIN number or password online (or too much personal information either) - less is more!

Do the following for credit card fraud help and for great consumer credit help:

Do protect your computer from hackers by using a firewall.

Do report your card being swallowed by an ATM immediately - the likelihood exists that the ATM may have been jammed so fraudsters can keep your card.

Do be extremely vigilant when you enter your PIN number on either the ATM or the card swiping devices in stores.

Do designate one particular card to use for online shopping so you can more easily pick up discrepancies (check and correlate your transactions with your bank statements).

Credit card fraud alert - an unfortunate reality!

Minimize your risks of becoming a victim of fraud and take note of and implement the practical tips and guidelines.

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