Credit Counseling Debt Relief -
Overspending Identified And Curtailed

Credit counseling debt relief - identify the compulsive spender in yourself and take action as you learn how to get out of debt.

credit counseling debt relief

A great deal of monthly spending is necessary, prudent and valid - it helps you to economize without compromising on the quality of your lifestyle.

If you are aiming to enhance your saving-wise expertise, then you need to minimize your compulsive spending with money saving tips for frugal living and debt free solutions.

Being aware of compulsive spending habits that may apply to you, alerts you to unnecessary over-spending debt traps and the potential of a snowballing spiral of debt.


Do you find yourself ...

shopping to relieve stress or to escape the realities of your life?

riding a roller coaster of extreme happiness while you spend followed by guilt and remorse at the money you have wasted?

sneaking your latest "buy" into your closet unseen or exaggerating the great "sale price" or "discount" you received?

popping off to the mall for some retail therapy to cheer yourself up?

logging onto internet shopping sites again and again and buying yet more of the same (generally unnecessary) stuff that you want - rather than what you need.

buying duplicates of the same item, the latest gadgets, yet another coral lipstick or the latest technological upgrade?

using your credit card to finance trivial, day to day expenses?

withdrawing money from your credit card to settle your debt?

replacing your car every six years or less?

spending all your money every month (and incurring debt on top of it all)?

never having enough money left over to save?


Contact your creditors and explain your current financial situation to them.

(Keep in mind that your creditors would prefer to receive a smaller settlement rather than no settlement)

Differentiate between needs and wants by cutting down on unnecessary expenses and luxuries.

Devise a budget detailing all your income and expenditure for the month.

Prioritize your bills by making sure that you pay your non-negotiable bills like housing, electricity, education and insurance first and foremost.

Thereafter prioritize to pay for secondary items like food, transport and necessary clothing items.

Your next priority is to pay off those debts that charge you the highest interest and then structure all the rest of your debts in a descending order of rate of interest charged.

You may want to investigate debt consolidation too.

Don't use your credit card to pay off existing debt especially if you are working towards credit card relief.

Here too consider investigating credit card consolidation.

Surrender merchandise that you are no longer able to make the payments on - before you become entrapped in spiraling debt.

Plan to save money for yourself every month.

Make sure you plan to save for short, medium and long term savings goals.

Credit counseling debt relief - take heart; it can be done!

And you'll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your chest just by being proactive and taking that vital first step to financial freedom with credit card debt free help.

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