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Revamp & Restore

Diy clothing - don't discard those great timeless classics that you love so much - diy them and revamp them!


We've all got them - a stylish coat, the perfect pair of trousers or that amazing T shirt that somehow always make you feel like a million dollars?

Reinvent, restore, recycle and revamp those jaded gems and you'll be able to reinvest the potential savings for your future financial freedom.

From worn-out and weathered to wonderful and stylish with homebase diy and home organization tips.

Thanks to all my friends, family and you guys - the money saving tips for frugal living are practical and saving- wise.


Favorite killer stiletto heels scuffed

Color them with a permanent marker and then polish your shoes with matching shoe polish and you're ready to strut your stuff.

Sexy slim pencil skirt just too "clingy"?

Rub your skirt with a tumble dryer fabric conditioning wipe or wipe your tights with a dab of hair silicone (a spritz of hairspray works wonders too!)

Classic, crisp white linen shirt and a red wine stains?

Soak up the excess liquid and cover the stain with salt (one occasion when too much salt is a good thing).

Stylish patent leather shoulder bag scuffed and scratched?

Wipe the areas with egg white and leave the areas to dry.

Polish the area, swing your bag over your shoulder and head out for a cup of coffee!

Slinky, perfectly draped jersey knit wrap around dress all bubbly and bobbled and fuzzy?

The adhesive side of velcro works wonders - just remember to use a light touch - no heavy handed man handling needed in this instance.

Slip it over your head and turns heads at your next business lunch or cocktail evening.

Oily stains spoiling your silk blouse, satin sleep shorts or silky scarf?

Sprinkle with talcum powder and let it settle for a few hours.

Brush the talcum powder off - shake it out and wash on a delicate cycle.

Stylish, sophisticated and spotless.

Blacks fade to gray and whites looking grim and dingy?

Dye them back to life with store bought dyes and your washing machine.

Simple, effective and affordable re-invention of timeless classics.

Stunning shoes not sweetly fragranced?

Sprinkle them with bicarbonate of soda, allow the bicarbonate of soda to absorb the odor overnight and dust them out.

A new lease of life for your favorite loafers or moccasins

Diy clothing - revamp, re-invent and create your own diy clothes renaissance revolution!

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