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Diy com - diy websites ...  a little daunting at times? Well, we're here to keep it simple and to save you time and money!

diy com

Come on - give it a go and flirt a little with our diy web footprints. You never know where our footprints may take you!

You may just discover a handyman wizard waiting to be let loose on home improvement diy projects.

Learn a new skill, save yourself some money, become a money saving expert and enhance the beauty and quality of your lifestyle.

So, whether you are looking at diy building, diy solar power or even a diy greenhouse - we've got practical money saving tips for frugal living that could see you starting up your very own diy company!

Ok - KISS - keeping it short and simple - you need to begin your journey with the end in mind.


Begin with the end in mind ...

Look around for examples of realistic, simple and attainable diy end products ... but remember the KISS - keep it simply simple.

Investigate innovative but do-able diy ideas - there is no need to reinvent the wheel!

A friend , colleague, magazine or website may already have great advise and tried and tested projects with step-by-step instructions and guidelines - so don't be shy.

Do an audit and become a saving-wise sharpshooter ...

Research and get written quotes for all your expected costs ... and then add on ... a little ... probably quite a lot more money for those unexpected costs that always seem to arise.

It's a good idea to start saving for your project a few months in advance - at least you'll already be prepared and you'll save money by having the time to look around for the best prices.

Adopt the Scout's motto - be prepared and look at every possibly cost and contingency. There's nothing worse than having to hand over money that you haven't budgeted for!

Decision reached on your do-it-yourself project ...

Develop your diy planner.

You'll need a detailed, well researched and realistic schedule of your day-to-day and monthly tasks and activities.

Dates for the completion of tasks, checklists and a time-line are all very important (not always easy we know but ... try sticking to them)!

Beg, borrow and  if it's unavoidable, buy the correct equipment and tools  ...

Enough said - you wouldn't want your dentist to extract your tooth armed only with a pair of pliers?

Sure, it'll get the job done - but we're not too sure about how pleasant the experience along the way will be - or for that matter what the finished product will look like!

Rules and regulations - safety or otherwise - aren't merely suggestions ...

Find out which rules and regulations are relevant to your particular diy com project and then stick to them.

Your time and effort is valuable - be prepared and informed and get it right the first time.

Diy com is one of the best ways to invest money because your time will save you money!

Economize - but don't compromise on anything - not your planning, not your budgeting, not your time and definitely not your enthusiasm and optimism!

Here's to keeping it simply simple!

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