Diy Roofing - Covered With
Saving-Wise Tips

Diy roofing - affordable, manageable and easily researched in any comprehensive home repair manual.

diy roofing

No matter what type of roofing you require - diy roof repairs and replacements can generally be completed economically without compromising on quality and durability.

This is one area where shortcuts are not an option - whether it is in structuring your roofing estimates, considering reputable roofing contractors or roofing companies to compare prices.

Research extensively, budget carefully, be prepared to work hard (really hard) and then stand back to appreciate your hard work, fine workmanship and bundles of money that you saved!

(A great kick start to your potential investment in rental property)or next cheap Caribbean vacations)


Plan carefully and be proactive - this is not a project to be undertaken during or even close to the rainy season.

Rain will damage existing infrastructure, new roofing supplies and result in significant time delays.

(Your time is valuable. Use it wisely to save your money - but don't squander it on unnecessary delays due to rain.)

Hire your own dumpster to get rid of all the debris and waste. You'll save money by eliminating the middle man or the charges that a roofing contractor may include.

Measure carefully ... not once, not twice but possibly even three times.

Get a friend to complete one of the sets of measurements and correlate your results.

Getting the measurements spot on means you only buy once and you minimize wasting money by not investing in surplus material that won't be used.

It is well worth your time and effort to draw a scale model of your roof - another step that ensures that you'll get the measurements and quantities spot-on the first time.

(No unnecessary trips to roofing supplier companies to buy that extra metal sheeting or roof paint... less gas and less time wasted all culminate in savings in your pocket.)

Research roofing companies and contractors online in your area.

Many reputable and credible companies will offer you advise, help with roofing estimates (if you purchase your roofing supplies from them) and they may introduce you to trustworthy contractors to assist you with the more technical aspects of your diy roofing.

Be prepared to spend a little more on a high quality paint finish - it'll save you money in the long run.

A great long term money saving tip is to consider using reflective roof paint - you'll save money on cooling your home as the paint reflects more heat and allows less heat to penetrate your home.

General monthly and seasonal roof maintenance can really help you to save money.

Clean drains and gutters regularly, replace weathered roof materials that have deteriorated due to weathering as the need arises, and waterproof the flashing junctions between roofing materials.

Evaluate the design of your roof - sometimes all it takes is an affordable adjustment here and there to prevent water damage.

If you are considering employing a roofing contractors make sure:

you get at least three testimonials or recommendationsfrom happy customers (even better - go and inspect the roofing companies' handiwork first-hand)

inform your prospective roofing contractor that you will be getting the roofing inspector out to certify their work upon completion of the project.

you get all warranties, quotations, insurance certificates, contractor's licenses and amendments in writing.

you do not pay money in advance.

Diy roofing - Cover all your bases and you'll save money while keeping your head above water!

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