Diy Solar Pool Heater - Affordable
Fun In The Sun For Longer

Diy solar pool heater - a saving wise alternative to extend your affordable fun in the sun and healthy lifestyle for longer.

diy solar pool heater

An above ground pool solar heater, not only minimizes the impact of your carbon footprint, but it allows you to economize without compromising your family's swimming experience.

Swimming pleasure and exercise ... affordable, healthy and relaxing - definitely a move away from a fast-paced frenetic lifestyle.

Diy solar power and solar energy? Take a look and see if this simple and eco-friendly alternative has a place in your collection of money saving tips for frugal living.


The Idea Behind It:

- you add a solar water heater to your current pool system;

- the water is then pumped through a filter and THEN;

- through a storage system and NOT directly straight back into the pool;

- the solar energy then heats the water that has been collected in the storage system (usually on the roof) and then the heated water is pumped back into the pool.

More About The Temporary Storage System:

- it is usually made of ultra-violet protected plastic or PVC (often coated with a light inhibitor) or heavy duty rubber piping;

- the advantage of using these materials is that they are comparatively inexpensive and lightweight;

- the surface area of the temporary housing area generally needs to be one and a half to two times of your swimming pool's surface area;

- the housing system is typically attached to roofs or other areas where they have effective sun exposure, the correct orientation to the sun and at the correct angle to the sun.

The Heat Is On:

- the solar energy captured by your temporary storage housing on the roof (or elsewhere) heats the water;

- so you want to circulate the pool water relatively speedily through your temporary storage housing; (a high flow rate is important)

- in order to increase the temperature of thousands of gallons of water relatively quickly.

Extra Tips And Guidelines To Consider And Ask About:

- an added solar water heater may require a larger pump or possibly a stand-alone smaller pump to help pump the water through the temporary storage housing on your diy roofing.

- consider the extra electricity that may be needed to run your pump.

- carry out a solar site survey over an extended time period to see if your location for the storage collectors will get enough sun.

- make sure you use the correct glue (and allow it to cure) for gluing PVC piping and connectors.

- get the advice of your diy solar pool heater supplier regarding optimal placement (orientation, angle and tilt).

- the storage collectors must be installed on the discharge side of the filter (hot water entering the filter systems may damage it increase bacteria levels).

- consider adding pool covers to further maximize your extended swimming time.

- unless you are a professional - please use a professional for all your electrical and plumbing needs.

Diy solar pool heater - a saving-wise investment for a life-long return on your investment (not to mention a lifetime of happy, relaxed memories)!

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