Diy Solar Power - Savings Sunbeam
While Going Green

Diy solar power ... a potential saving-wise consideration in your arsenal of money saving tips for frugal living.

diy solar power

Home solar power systems and cheap solar panels are one of the many saving tips worth investigating.

You'll be doing your bit by "going green for life" and you'll be investing in a savings plan.

An added bonus?

Putting an end to disruptive power failures (not to mention those last minute dashes because you just didn't get round to paying your electricity bill.)


Your most important consideration

How much sunlight do you effectively get from day-to-day and season to season?

Sustained overcast conditions and extremely cold temperature will not be conducive to home solar power systems.

Suitable Sizing

You aim is to be as independent from standard electrical backup as possible (consider installing a new solar tank and panel to replace your current geyser.)

Choose a solar heater that will fulfill the daily consumption that your family or business requires.

A rough guideline would be 50-60 liters (about 15 gallons) per person as as well as a further 60 liters for general household purposes.

System Considerations

A direct system heats your water directly and it is only worth considering if you don't experience frost or very cold temperatures.

(Consider a direct frost resistant system if you would still like the water to be heated directly but often experience frosty conditions.)

An indirect system allows water to be heated using heat converting technology and it is a pragmatic solution for areas that experience frost and extremely cold temperatures.

Storage Solutions

If the water tank is stored away from the solar panel (possibly for aesthetic reasons) then the storage tanks would require the water to be pumped using photovoltaic technology.

A thermosiphon tank is usually installed directly above the solar panel (in situations where aesthetic are not as important) and the water is transported via normal convection principles.

Diy solar power - going green for life and saving money while you do your bit to save the planet?

A pretty good return on your investment!

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