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Easy homemade gift ideas - classical and timeless! Your saving plan will remain steadfast and on target and you'll be able to create your own amazing gift basket ideas or gift bags at a fraction of the cost.

easy homemade gift ideas

Birthday, anniversaries, corporate gifts and even teacher gift ideas ... they all seem to come around rather quickly! 

We all love to give great presents, whether it's a wine gift or even fragrance gift sets

But if you're rushing around at the last minute, buying anything you can lay your hands on - regardless of price or careful consideration - then you are very likely to spending far more than you need to.

Perhaps it's time to wave farewell to thoughtless and rushed gift buying and to nurture practical money saving tips as you plan your gift calendar in advance and become a money saving expert along the way.

Let's slow it down a little, minimize those elusive last minute gift ideas and come up with creative ways to make money as we save on gifts.

[PS ... find-the-words and the right words of wisdom for every occasion ... it will add that something extra special to your fabulous gift - so worth the extra effort]


A herb garden gift - economize without compromise!

It's easy and inexpensive and a simple, yet fabulous, gift that is sure to be appreciated and more importantly put to good use.

There is nothing nicer than getting back to nature and the smell of fresh herbs as you prepare a wholesome homemade meal or sprinkle herbs over a fresh salad.

So cultivate your own herb garden. It needn't be very big and if you nurture your herbs as seedlings, your costs will be minimal.

This way you'll have your own supply of homegrown fresh herbs to use in your kitchen [ great savings right there as you save money groceries] - and  to use for your easy homemade gift ideas.

container herb garden

Find three containers for your herb garden gift - the more creative the better!

You may want to consider empty cans, small inexpensive clay pots [bought in bulk from a wholesale supplier] or even affordable white mugs.

Select three different herbs from your own container herb garden [ purple basil, chives and oregano work well] and plant them in your containers.

Label each herb - recycled old ice-cream sticks and your best calligraphy add the finishing touches [and of course your special thank you, birthday or retirement words].

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