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Email advertising companies should certainly be reviewed as a viable saving wise marketing tool.

email advertising companies

There is so much competition out there in the business world today. You need to spend money on your advertising marketing plan and you need to get your message out there.

But, you also need to try and do so as cost effectively as possible.

If you want to maximize your marketing budget, then take a look at the "good, the bad and the downright ugly" aspects of email advertising campaigns.

Who knows - you may even have a little left over for some home office decorating ideas.


Firstly ... let's take a look at the "good" saving wise potential of email marketing:

Your business is more likely to save money in the long term, if the money that you invest in advertising to "get your message out there", actually reaches your target audience or customers.

If you make contact with potential (or even existing customers) who are more likely to be interested in your product's or service's niche - then they will be more likely to respond to your advert.

You get your targeted message out to a more receptive targeted audience.

You minimize futile expenditure on advertising to a broader (often disinterested) group who are more than likely not going to be interested in what your business has to offer.

This concentrated and specifically focused email advertising is in turn more likely to result in more sales, thereby maximizing your profit margins and your advertising budget.

Here's what to look for in "good" email advertising companies:

Will their email advertising campaign customize their adverts and structures to suit your business's specific operational needs?

Are their fees competitive and do they have the technical hardware, software and intellectual expertise needed to create and sustain a professional and credible advertising campaign?

Will your adverts be conveyed in a visually appealing manner that will capture the reader's attention and more importantly, keep their attention so that they are encourage to take action?

Will their excellent customer service to you and their email advertising campaign build on your already credible business image and rapport with your customers, or will it break that credible image that you have worked so hard to establish?

Do they have an effective structure to monitor and track adverts that are sent out and their response and conversion rates?

And now for the downright "bad and ugly" side of email marketing plans:

The main culprit is pretty easily summarized in one word, "spam".

Basically it's mail that somehow gets dumped by an email advertising company in huge amounts, at frequent intervals and for no apparent reason ... into the unsuspecting inbox of a recipient who has no need for your business's niche product.

(Why? Well, some email companies take the easy way out - they don't try and create a database of prospective customers who may be interested in receiving the marketing email based on collective needs and goals).

The recipients didn't ask for the email adverts; they have no need for them.

And so basically, the email only serves to engender negativity at best, or a finger poised and then pressed on the "delete" button ... before the message is even read or considered.

It is imperative that you select an email advertising company that is well aware of marketing legislation and more importantly, one that abides by anti-spam regulations.

Reputable and credible email marketing companies are worth considering when it comes to money saving tips for frugal living and your business.

Use your savings and don't forget to investigate small business insurance coverage.

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