Event Planning Guidelines -
Simple, Classic, Timeless - Fabulous

Event planning guidelines - your opportunity to explore affordable tips on budgeting without compromising on quality and class.


Here's to transforming your special event into a magical celebration with universal and timeless birthday celebration ideas, creative wedding shower ideas or even romantic valentines day ideas.

There are so many great ideas for entertaining - practical inexpensive and affordable.

Why not take it a step further and add a touch of class - discerning celebration ideas that you will use time and again - celebration ideas that will leave a lasting impression!


The simplest china can be transformed into a breathtaking table setting.

white plates

Budget and then invest in elegant white china,tablecloths and linen napkins - these sets are affordable yet they always look timeless and classy. You'll be investing in china and linen that you'll use for a lifetime!

Add a little creative  flair and a splash of color and your china will be perfect for every occasion -  glamorous gold for 50th birthday party ideas and festive red and green for Christmas party ideas.

(An added advantage - you can buy individual plates to mix and match effortlessly for those inevitable breakages and white linen tablecloths and napkins are easy to launder and bleach)

Ideas for inexpensive centerpieces - striking visual simplicity works exceptionally well.

ideas for inexpensive centerpieces

Invest in a number of clear glass vases that are sturdy but elegant. Clean, uncluttered lines don't date, affording you years of creative use and functionality.

Your beautiful glassware ... a canvas for your imagination to explore.

Less is more - add one or two striking flowers that are in season (economize without compromise) and arrange your vases individually or in groups.

(Not only will your ideas for inexpensive centerpiece leave a lasting impression - but they can also serve as a great ice-breaker to get the conversation going)

Invitations ...  they set the tone for your special celebration.

inexpensive invitations

Create your own beautiful, classically elegant invitations using white card and ribbon.

A simple, yet often overlooked advantage is that your guests will tend to RSVP more formally.

Exact numbers means that you don't over-cater and it allows you use your budget as meaningfully and effectively as possible.

(A little extra work? Yes. But the return on your investment of your time is well worth it - it sends an understated message that your celebration will indeed be magical and memorable)

Timing ... late afternoon, stunning sunsets, warm balmy breezes and cocktails! Sounds pretty amazing?

affordable wine glasses

A fantastic backdrop for your special occasion -  an amazing opportunity to entertain and economize without compromise.

You'll be able to economize on your food budget and more importantly ... your cocktails budget (guest tend to drink less in the afternoon than in the evening).

(A good set of wine glasses doesn't need to be expensive. The trick is to invest in glasses that are clear and simple in design and ones that don't have thick rims.)

Whispered strains of music - cello, piano, saxophone or even the flute or clarinet can enhance your celebration with its ambiance and atmosphere.

affordable music

Approach a music student at your local school, college or university.

They are usually very talented and inexpensive - definitely worth the memorable impression that they will leave with your guests.

As Shakespeare said, "If music be the food of life ... play on!"

Event planning guidelines - out of the ordinary - yes.

Culminating in the extraordinary - absolutely!

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