First Anniversary Gift Ideas -
Fun, Frugal and Fabulous

First anniversary gift ideas - fun, fantastic and frugally fabulous anniversary present ideas to celebrate a one year wedding anniversary.

first anniversary gift ideas

Congratulations - a first wedding anniversary is incredibly special. It's a magical moment so worthy of celebration, champagne and anniversary words of wisdom.

Celebrate in style with creative and affordable homemade gift basket ideas.

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Economize ... but don't compromise.

With a little creative thought, a few inexpensive items, a beautiful box, some leftover ribbon and of course just the right words - you'll set just the right tone with a personalized gift straight from your heart.

Find a beautiful box and decorate it as you wish - you may want to paste photos on the outside or even develop a romantic theme with hearts and kisses.

There's no right or wrong ... straight from the heart works well here ...(an affordable sheet of tissue paper is inexpensive and it adds that special, luxurious touch).

The next step is to collect a few items with cute messages handwritten on pieces of card.

Let your imagination roam free - it's great if you can think of some items that really epitomize your amazing relationship.

Here are a few ideas with just the right words - they are great as universal stand-byes ... but you'll think of truly exceptional and original ideas for that unique and special personalized touch.

A small bag of nuts        -         "Cause I'm nuts about you!"

A small bottle of champagne        -        "Love your bubbly, irrepressible nature!"

Bubble bath        -        "You deserve some time-out on this special day" ... or even "To share with someone special ... me!"

An old medal        -        "You deserve one - thanks for always putting up with me through smiles and tears!"

Heart shaped chocolate        -    "Cause you're sweet and you have my heart ... always!"

A shiny red apple        -        you guessed it ... "Cause you're the apple of my eye!"

Wrap it up beautifully.

Presentation with a stunning and visually striking gift really sends the message that you care and it make the recipient feel very special - a wonderful gift in itself!

That's it - include your anniversary card and you've got a gift made with love ... priceless.

First anniversary gift ideas - the ideas are there - now you get to have some fun and personalize it even further.

Happy Anniversary!

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