Free Money Making Ideas -
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Free money making ideas - creative and innovative and no rocket science required.

free money making ideas

There are some great ways to make quick cash and not all ideas to make money need years of experience or training.

Sometimes all that it takes is for someone to point out a money making opportunity that you may not have considered.

Take a look - you never know ... you may just find some fast ways to make money that are right up your alley.


Do you have long hair - consider selling it to a company that makes wigs.

Do you have an interesting face or a super figure - opt for being a model at an art studio as a live model.

Become a film or television walk-on or extra or become a look alike if you resemble a famous personality.

If you have a car and you enjoy children then being a baby sitter or an au pair could really be a viable option for you.

(Consider offering to include transport to and from school as well as extra curricular activities for added value to your customers)

Take it even a step further and include pet-minding and pet-walking; garden watering services and even looking after houses and you'll be offering an all inclusive service.

Buy and delivery groceries for the elderly or the infirm - you'll earn a small income and you'll be doing a good deed at the same time.

If you've got a sharp eye, consider signing up to invigilate for exams at colleges and universities.

With so many working mothers today you may find that an all inclusive cleaning, laundry, ironing and garden care service will be worth looking in to.

(If you have particularly green fingers, then investigate plant care for homes and corporations and while you're at it - include plant hire for special events as part of your package)

Look into renting your home. It may be a single furnished room, an unused garage for storage, a redundant parking space or even a lovely entertainment area for celebrations and parties.

Establish a car cleaning service that goes to a customer's home, run errands for people in your suburb and establish a reliable and affordable service to and from the airport.

(If you own a roadworthy van or truck advertise your services for furniture deliveries and removals or even garden refuse removal)

Do you have a particular skill or talent? Use your area of expertise and become a tutor or give extra lessons - music, art, Mathematics, English, stained glass techniques, cooking, mosaic art and so on - the opportunities are endless.

Are you proficient in a particular language or a niche area of expertise ... then proof reading, editing and research skills are always in demand.

(You may also want to look into marking exam papers if you are skilled enough in a particular area.)

Are you a handy man of note? Is diy right up your alley? Use your carpentry, painting, gardening, plumbing and window replacement skills to earn an income.

Are you a great speaker? Look into opportunities to offer your services as a master of ceremonies or writing and presenting free speeches for all occasions.

Free money making ideas are a great place to start if you are looking for an additional income in your quest to economize and not compromise on money saving tips for frugal living.

Now take it a step further and look into the best way to invest money and other ways to invest money from your saving-wise efforts.

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