Free Trip Planner - Saving You
Time While Saving You Money

A free trip planner will offer you some great practical money saving tips for frugal living.

free trip planner

You'll plan your best weekend getaways, throw in some free road trip games and before you know it, you'll be relaxing and enjoying your fun weekend getaways or cheap Caribbean vacations.

You need to streamline your trip planning so that your preparations are cost effective and well organized.

Proactive planning allows you to maximize your great vacation time - no delays, no unforeseen obstacles and definitely less stress.


Throughout the year, look out for smaller-sized toiletries that are on sale or on offer at a discounted price.

Stock pile shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, sun block, moistened wipes and any other fundamental toiletries and cosmetics.

Another good idea is to keep your eyes open for disposable razors and batteries that may be needed for your cameras and video recorders(also on special).

By being proactive, you'll be able to save on space without forgoing potential savings of buying cosmetic products in bulk.

Part of your planning for cheap family vacations requires being prepared for most eventualities.

Take a look at the handy travel checklist below - use what may work for you and lose the rest!

Affordable and compact entertainment? An inexpensive deck of playing cards.

Comfort, costing little in terms of price and space? An inflatable pillow.

Save on medical trips? Waterless antibacterial hand wash, anti-diarrhea tablets, an all purpose painkiller and an all purpose antibiotic.

(Just remember to check that you are allowed to carry them in your luggage should you be flying. Also remember that you will need a doctor's letter if you have syringes that need to be taken with you or if you have any metal implants that may set the security alarms off.)

Save on laundry fees? Take a small tube of laundry liquid and some sturdy fishing line for a makeshift clothes line.

Cut costs by not duplicating gadgets forgotten at home? Remember to pack tweezers, nail trimmers, a flashlight, spare batteries, some stationery, ear plugs, mobile phone chargers, universal plug adapters, a pocket knife and a sewing kit.

Save on water - water damage that is? Take along a few trash bags and zip lock bags. Use them to keep you valuables safe and dry and to prevent wet clothes from ruining all your other clothes.

Save on luggage inadvertently taken by another traveler? Keep your eye on special luggage bargains throughout the year (really distinctive and unique pieces), or mark your luggage in a creative and attention grabbing manner.

Plan to pack your own lunch - you'll save money, still enjoy healthy food and you'll get to explore the great(and inexpensive markets) nearby.

Visiting popular theme parks or tourist destinations - book well in advance to avoid disappointment and plan to go on a Tuesday or a Wednesday - you're most likely to find shorter queues.

Other holiday saving tips that will make your free trip planner a breeze? Take a quick look - you may just find a perfect money and time saving tip.

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