Grocery Coupons - Simple Savings
For Future Investments

Grocery coupons generate simple yet significant savings over time - they allow you to economize without compromise!

grocery coupons

Now, take it one step further and you'll see the benefit of an exponential return on the investment of your time and your careful shopping while cooking on a budget.

Let's face it - finding coupons, cutting them out, storing them and then on top of it all - remembering to use them, may seem like a huge investment of your time for what appears to be a "little extra" money in your pocket?

What you need is a reason - a really good reason for your time and effort and dedication.

And here it is!

If you invest that "little extra" in an investment strategy of our choice - then gradually you'll see the snowball effect as your savings plan continues to grow month after month.

And the trick? No trick - just the determination and perseverance to invest that "little extra" every month ... without fail or compromise as you enhance your financial freedom.

Worth It, Win With It And ... Be Wary Of It!


Worth It

  • Use your coupons to buy products that you would normally use.
  • If you won't use the product, or more importantly, if you really didn't need the product in the first place, then the coupon saving is not worth it.
  • Sit down with a great cup of coffee - same time and same place.
  • Try and establish a routine, weekly, where you sit down and cut out your coupons ... otherwise it's not likely to happen.
  • Shop at stores that offer double or triple points - simple math - you save more!
  • Remember the bigger picture - your time and effort gives you the "extra" money to invest in a saving strategy of your choice.

Win With It

  • Investigate which stores offer club cards, loyalty points or other saving and coupon incentives.

  • By signing up, you are likely to receive sale and special promotional material that may enhance further savings.

  • Create a simple storage system for your coupons - nothing too elaborate or complicated.

  • KISS - keep it simple and you'll stick to it.

  • A simple storage system that you keep with you helps you maximize savings on a daily basis.

Wary Of It

  • Look at the value of the coupon in relation to the quantity that you are expected to buy to redeem the coupon - stick to your budget and your shopping list.

  • Remember - stores have great marketing teams that send out amazing promotional material - to get you into their stores.

  • They want you in their stores so that you will spend your money.

  • Be saving-wise - differentiate between what you really need and what you want.

  • Don't be tempted to go to a store just because you received grocery coupons.

Grocery coupons - frugal homemaking with something simple, something do-able and something that cost you nothing more than some of your time and a pair of scissors!

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