Help Me Pay My Bills -
Cell Phone Billing Scrutinized

Help me pay my bills? Definitely a topical point. You need to know what to look for to avoid careless cell phone charges from mounting up.

help me pay my bills

Practical money saving tips for frugal living means that you need to take charge of your cell phone account.

You need to know exactly what you are being charged for and you need to extend your financial education to include scrutinizing your cell phone statement.

Confirm your rights and be aware of common cell phone obstacles and pitfalls.


Why So High?

You do not fully understand the package that you have selected or you may not have been fully informed about specific terms and condition in your contract?

You did not fully read and understand the practical implementation of your contract?

You only became aware of unnecessary charges after taking to time to carefully scrutinize your cell phone statement and your bank account?

You have accrued unusually high costs (from international roaming for example) because of a lack of research.

International Roaming Knowledge ... Your Best Money Saving Tip

Careless use of your cell phone and your data card when you travel overseas racks up the charges.

Don't indiscriminately download emails

Remember that smart phones generally keep searching for email updates - so read the small print on websites and make sure that you disable all data features when you travel overseas.

(If you don't, then you will be charged every time that your smart phone tries to connect to your mail server - regardless of whether a new email is received or sent.)

Before you leave for your trip, visit the websites of the service providers at the destination that you are traveling to for up to date data and voice roaming expenses you will be likely to incur.

International Roaming - More Affordable Options

Invest in purchasing a prepaid no contract cell phones SIM card when you arrive at your destination and enjoy the benefit of local call charges.

Alternatively, choose the best local network that offers the most affordable tariffs - and set your phone to roam on that particular network.

Wi-Fi enabled cell phones tend to offer more inexpensive options while roaming than cellular connections.

Downloads and data transmissions are charged according to kilobytes and not according to seconds taken to transmit - so smaller really is better.

Further Saving-Wise money Saving Tips For Frugal Living With Cell Phones

Remember that your SIM card is like a credit card- look after it as carefully as you would your credit card.

Check your statements carefully and regularly and query any abnormalities as quickly as possible (preferably within 30 days).

Pay your account when it is due to ensure that your service is not suspended.

(You must make sure that there is enough money in your bank account to cover the costs of the debit order - especially if the money goes off slightly earlier because of public holidays)

You will be charged for interest on overdue accounts, for reconnection fees and possibly even for a reversal fee on a debit order that wasn't paid.

Remember to keep you service provider informed of any changes to your banking account and details.

Help Me Pay My Bills - Further Tips

Make sure that you are only charged for value-added services that you specifically requested.

The onus is on you to go to the service provider to fill in the paper work to deactivate any such services.

Data bundles can be eroded very quickly by automatic updates linked to operating systems and anti-virus updates - so make sure that automatic updates are not set as a default on your cell phone.

Don't merely assume that "ceiling limits" will be guaranteed. Monitor your calls carefully yourself and request top-up options as the need arises.

Help me pay my bills - with a copy of cell phone bills in hand and a thorough scrutiny thereof, you will be forewarned and forearmed with cell phone saving tips and guidelines.

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