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Holiday saving tips - no rocket-science ... just simple money saving travel tips that are worth considering!

holiday saving tips

Travel vacations are something amazingly special and spectacular.

Here's an opportunity to take a breather... to take a step back from a pretty frenetic pace of life?

Awake to new horizons, wander through local markets, relax in magical meadows or swim in azure oceans surrounded by dancing sunlight.

There really is nothing like a vacation to create magical memories and a lifetime of cherished moments!

So, whether you are looking for cheap vacations, bargain weekend breaks, inexpensive family vacations or cheap Caribbean vacations ... universal money saving tips for the frugal traveler may leave you with that little extra for another margarita or sunny tropical cocktail.

Cheers - it's "time to dance like no one is watching!"


Take your time, look around and get a feel for your destination ... before you spend your money. 

Not only is it a great way to explore the area, but you also get to to know the "best-deal" local delights.

Tourist hang-outs may be trendy - but they come at a price. Live life locally and save lavishly.

Let's face it - you didn't travel all this way to mingle with tourists, most of whom are so similar to yourselves.

So - live locally and you'll gain so many amazing, wonderful memories and handfuls of extra cash safely in your pocket.

Register for special offers - you know the old saying that early bird catches the worm - well you need to be in the loop early on when it comes to special offers.

Promotional specials and travel package deals generally work on a "first come first serve basis".

Take the time now to register with travel agencies and flight operators. Proactive early bookings, especially on line bookings, as they open, culminate a saving-wise strategy at its best!

Visit your doctor and your dentist before you go on vacation. Medical treatment at an exotic holiday destination can be extremely expensive - not to mention debilitating!

No one wants to spend a single minute of their precious vacation time laid low with a tooth ache or a sore throat.

Your dentist will rule out any looming dental emergencies and sort them out before you go.

Your doctor can confirm that you're good to go and give you a broad spectrum antibiotic to fill and take with you.

Seriously important saving-wise travel tip! Don't flash your cash and take care with the security of your belongings!

There can be nothing quite so soul destroying as reaching into you pocket for your wallet to pay for a beautiful silk scarf - to find ... nothing!

Pickpockets and petty thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated - so take extra care - perhaps to the point of a little paranoia.

Packing lightly for public transport - easy on your back and your wallet.

Taxi fares can be exorbitant. Learn to make your way using local public transport and you'll squeeze in an extra cappuccino and croissant every day.

Packing lightly saves you money.

You can navigate you way through mazes of public transport with a light bag and it leaves you extra space for all those "gotta-have" purchases - no fines for exceeding the weight limit.

Holiday saving tips - it's time to dance like no one is watching - but before you do - take the time to become a saving-wise wizard.

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