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Home office decorating ideas - more and more likely to become part of your money saving tips for frugal living strategy.

home office decorating ideas

Technology has developed in leaps and bounds, so much so, that it is now a practical, viable, affordable and feasible option to work from home or to run your own business from home.

Of course, working where you live, has huge money saving implications, not to mention time saving and minimized stress benefits.

(No more negotiating and dodging hectic and frenetic traffic schedules).

But, if you are planning to design a home office, you need to make sure that you maximize the space that you have available.

Focus on functionality while still creating a professional feel and working atmosphere.


The first step is to look at the space that you have available. While it would be great to have the luxury of a separate office from your house, it may not be very practical.

Yet despite this, you can still create an affordable and professional working environment, within the parameters of your current home.

Think creatively - a recess below the stairs or an inexpensive wooden or bamboo screen can effectively section off your new office.

What about your attics, basements or cellars that are more often than not crammed to the ceiling with junk?

(Perhaps a garage or a side walk sale will turn your clutter into your home office budget fund ...?)

Your home office design ideas should be efficient, functional and practical. Use your common sense.

You know yourself and your working patterns better than anyone else - so plan accordingly so that your office will easily facilitate the pattern of your working day movements.

Great free money saving tip in home office decorating ideas - one man's junk is another man's treasure!

If you are looking to source well chosen and affordable office furniture then take the time to visit and investigate antique or vintage sites and auctions.

Car boot sales, charity shops, markets and thrift shops are also an inexpensive way to source great prints or even second hand furniture and home office storage solutions.

You'll probably be able to purchase great timeless pieces at a fraction of the cost and with a little creative thought you'll transform them into home office masterpieces.

Refurbish, recycle, renovate, reupholster and re-paint - amazingly simple creative ways to save money.

Appraise each item that you see with an open mind:

- an old dining room chair can make a sturdy and professional desk chair.

- beautiful old rugs are a stylish and cost effective way of covering up less than perfect floors (and they create a warm tone and ambience to your office).

- loose couch covers (most likely in need of a dry cleaning service) may just turn an old and unused sofa from home into a couch for your reception.

- solid and sturdy (albeit somewhat dated and damaged furniture) can be repainted to create totally new and practical office furniture ... think of paint techniques like liming, sponging, stenciling, distressing or even dragging.

Home office storage solutions needn't cost a fortune and they need as much consideration as your advertising marketing plan.

An old cupboard may just be deep enough to be used as a filing cabinet and old vintage trunks offer effective storage solutions for your home office decorating ideas.

Diy shelving and self assembly furniture are yet another money saving tip for the design of a home office.

Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to examine a fully assembled example of the shelf or furniture item before you buy it.

Remember to double check on the dimensions of the item to ensure that it fits into the space that you have designated for your office.

Adjustable shelving and movable furniture or storage units are excellent money saving options because of their versatility.

Similarly, modular furniture and shelving, are also great options because they can be built up and extended over time as your needs and your budget allows.

Maximize the illusion of space and enhance you natural light - after all it is free.

(Diy solar power - definitely long term savings potential if and when your budget allows)

Mirrors are inexpensive (especially if they are sourced second hand) and they further enhance and create the illusion of space - so consider one or two well placed mirrors or even investigate spending some money on a strategically placed skylight.

Sheer curtains afford you the privacy that you need while still allowing the natural light into your home office (an added benefit of how to save electricity)

Specific task centered lighting should create a circle of light around your desk or work area and fluorescent and energy saving bulbs are very cost effective.

A luminaire desk lamp with an adjustable arm is another cost cutting investment in the long run.

Finally, when it comes to home office decorating ideas, make sure that you have all the technology that you will need to handle the volume of work that needs to be done.

Look into sourcing affordable office technology - phones, computers, scanners, faxes, printers, copiers and cell phones (without the hefty cell phone bills) need your due diligence.

Make sure you read the small print of any contract and of course - don't forget to look into small business insurance coverage.

Enjoy implementing your home office decorating ideas - may you enjoy many happy years in your new working environment.

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