Home Organization Tips - A Selling Sleuth
And Saving Superstar

Home organization tips - strategic planning that'll see you transforming your selling sleuth skills into investment savings.

house organization tips

Closets packed to capacity? Garages used for additional storage space? Basements that resemble junk yards?

You've got a space problem ... not because you need more space ... but more likely - because you've got too much stuff?

Now's the time to be bold, brave and daring. Now's the time look at strategies to save money. Now's the time to become a selling sleuth!

Search you house for "cash-creating-sales".

Transform them into cash and then learn to invest money or buy one big dream item for cash - that's credit card debt help free!


clothes too small, outdated, major fashion mistake or "just don't like it anymore" - sell clothes for cash
cd's, dvd's, Ipods, WII, playstations, computer games you no longer listen to them, watched them once too often, reached the highest level of the game or upgraded to a newer model model - convert them to cash
cell phones, computers, laptops you've upgraded so many times; not quite sure what to do with the old one - "cash-creating- sale" opportunity begging to be explored
jewelry an old fashioned setting, an unwanted gift with no sentimental value, you don't really like the not-so- secret admirer who gave it you anyway - sell to invest
tools, power tools, gardening appliances homebase diy not really your thing, down-scaled to a smaller apartment, using a garden service - saving-wise cash to collect
china, crockery and cutlery unwanted wedding gifts, looking for something simpler, how many dishes can one family realistically use - cash crusade embraced
furniture broken, time to de-clutter, heart set on a minimalist look - cash-friendly favorites at yard sales
books keep your special reading treasures (there's something magical about books) then ... sell the rest for cash in your pocket
sporting and exercise equipment ice-skates that haven't been near a ice-rink for years, exercise bike that's used as coat stand or a crossbow gathering dust - convert to cash simply and efficiently
appliances white elephants, broken microwaves, rusty washing machines - spares for cash at your fingertips
toys, games, puzzles tripping over toys forgotten, tried of rooms littered by a trail of toys and games and puzzles - cash evolution in the pipeline


Home organization tips - de-clutter; sell; save and invest in your financial freedom.

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