How To Save Electricity -
Affordable Money Saving Techniques

How to save electricity - simple, practical money saving tips for conserving electricity in the house!

how to save electricity

One of the easiest ways to save money is to reduce electricity consumption at home.

Cut electricity costs by implementing every day and cost effective money saving tips and you'll be even further on your quest to becoming saving-wise.

If you minimize wasting electricity with frugal household tips then you'll be managing money wisely and perhaps saving enough over a period of time to investigate diy solar power.


Keep doors and windows closed while you are heating or cooling a room.

Only heat or cool the rooms that you spend the most of your time in.

Use fans instead or air conditioners to cool your home.

Turn off all appliances at the switch if you are not at home.

Use a laundry rack instead of a tumble dyer to dry your clothes.

Wash your laundry on a cold water and always make sure that you load the machine fully.

Swap your standard light bulbs for energy saving light bulbs or fluorescent lights.

Turn your computer off when it is not being used - don't merely rely on a screen saver.

Shower instead of bath.

Insulate your roof, water tank, doors and windows.

Use a microwave or a crock pot instead of a conventional oven.

Gas and oil heaters conserve electricity more than electric heaters.

Use an electric blanket to heat your bed rather than heating the entire room.

Install a skylight and make the most of natural lighting.

Fit your inside and outside lights with motion sensors.

Set the refrigerator only as cold as is needed to be effective for your needs.

Never put warm or hot food into the refrigerator and defrost the freezer regularly.

Fill your dishwasher and pack it to maximize space before turning it on.

How to save electricity - less is more, keep it simple, focus on the basics and commit to small yet tangible money saving tips for frugal living.

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