How To Save Gas - Savings Insights
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How to save gas - squeeze a few more miles out of your gas tank with simple money saving tips for fuel efficient cars.

how to save gas

Like it or not - travel and transport are here to stay. We all need to "be places" and very often we need to get there quickly ...  time is money after all.

So, you need to get to your destination as quickly as possible, but more importantly, as economically as possible with great tips to save gas and practical ways to improve your mileage!

And hey - if you can do your bit for the environment as you learn how to save gas and minimize your carbon footprint and environmental damage ... well, all the better for everyone.

Go on, be your best for the world. There is a lot you can do and you'll become saving-wise in the process sourcing low gas prices, new car buying tips and used car buying tips.

Time to travel with frugal efficiency.


Minimize air drag and unnecessary wind resistance - drive with your windows closed.

Fill up early in the morning. Why?

Fuel is kept in tanks under the ground. The cooler the ground is, the denser the fuel is. As the sun gets hotter, the fuel expands.

You save money by buying gas when it is at dense as possible - because then you get more for your money.

Lift clubs and carpooling with friends and colleagues who live near you - you save money, build friendship and limit environmental damage - pretty good incentives all round.

Don't drive at high speeds while you are in a lower gear - you are likely to use close to 50% more gas than is needed.

Fill up your tank when it gets to half-full.

The theory is that the gas may last longer because the tank will contain less air - so the gas won't evaporate as easily.

An added benefit is that you won't run out of gas (being stranded at the roadside will cost you a whole lot more than filling up regularly).

How to save gas - great tips that are right up there with diy auto repair and diy com if you want to become saving-wise and a money saving expert.

Happy savings, safe journeys and enjoy the ride.

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