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how to save money tips

Saving wise frugal homemaking can save you money!

With some new, (and old),  creative ideas you can save money groceries, investigate money saving meals and even some really inexpensive spring cleaning tips.

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A dirty carpet can be inexpensively cleaned by sprinkling it with some salt and then brushing it after about and hour and a half, followed by a good vacuum.

(Heard the expression "salt of the earth" - well, in this case "salt of the drive or walkway". A generous sprinkling of salt, early in the season, will keep weeds at bay.)

"Wipe on - wipe off" - great advice from the Karate Kid movie. Use damp newspaper to clean your windows and dry newspaper to shine them.

Replace expensive electric air-fresheners with a drop or two of vanilla essence dropped onto a cold light bulb. Add a little heat by switching the lamp on and the aroma of freshly baked biscuits will fill your home.

Flowers are another great way of creating a fragrantly fresh home (but they can be rather pricey). So when you do buy flowers for a special occasion make them really last by dissolving a teaspoon of sugar and a cap-ful of bleach into two liters of water.

(Take it one step further ... after your "daily cuppa tea or coffee" has done it's job and given you a wake up call, water your indoors plants with the leftover tea and coffee dregs and ground for frugal and free fabulously flourishing plants.)

In keeping with our plant theme ...

Hairy eggshells - well actually your cut off hair (sprinkled around) and crushed used egg shells (sprinkled over) your veggie-patch sends snails (ok ... quite slowly) and butterflies packing.

Boil the leaves and stems of a potato plant in water. Allow the water to cool and spritz it over aphid infested plants (the initial smell is not great - guess that is what keeps the aphids away too?

The shows not over till the fat lady sings ... damaged or scratched dvd's and cd's can be recycled and strategically hung in your fruit trees to stop birds from eating your apples and oranges.

Come on - it's time to come clean with how to save money tips ...

Freezing garments that seem to be permanently ruined by chewing gum are given a new lease of life after being frozen - yes, the solid and now frozen gum will peel of effortlessly.

An inexpensive lice comb replaces a higher priced woolen de-fuzzing machine.

If you're looking for best replacement window ideas - rub some cooking oil along the very edge of the glass (where it meets the window frame) and any over-enthusiastic painting will simply wipe off.

Most stains and spots can be removed with ever day household items - blast away ink and wine stains with tomato juice and blitz grease with clear alcohol and salt (4:1 ratio).

Game, set and match - halve you tumble drying time by adding 2 - 3 tennis balls into your tumble cycle for dry and fluffy clothes in a whiz.

Right, so ironing is not my strong point and I am perpetually left with burn marks at the bottom of my iron. I sort it out by rubbing them off with a rolled up ball of tin foil.

(Now if only someone would recognize my failings in this area and offer to take over the ironing chores...?)

How to save money tips - one of the best ways to save money so you can enjoy discount restaurant gift certificates at the end of a long week.

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