Ideas For Business Growth -
The Way Forward

Ideas for business growth can help you grow your business and increase your revenue. You have worked extremely hard to establish your business. Well done - it's an achievement to be incredibly proud of.

Now capitalize on the momentum that you've worked so hard to create and keep moving forward - keep working on your business growth planning.

Take a look at some of these universal, "best-practice" business growth ideas and then evaluate how your company is doing.


  • Does your company have a vision and do your leadership structures facilitate that everyone in the company works towards achieving your vision with passion, integrity, due diligence and commitment to the company's corporate image and branding?

  • Does your company conserve and hold onto tried and tested practices that consistently still yield productive results in the current market place, while still advocating innovation and continually striving to remain open to change with a willingness to embrace new markets, new business practices and innovative change?

  • Do the people who work for you exemplify the necessary skills, attitude and training to meet the current needs and demands of the company and will they be able to grow with the company as it expands and gains more market momentum?

  • What is your company's, and by implication, your employees' attitudes to our customers? Do they continually strive to deliver better customer service at all times or have they become dismissive and apathetic towards difficult customers? Remember that your company's credibility and word-of-mouth exposure is a formidable ally as you try to grow your business.

  • What structures have you put in place to evaluate the quality of your product, your service, conflict management and resolution? Have you implemented effective mechanisms to alert you potential problems and similarly confirmation of what you are doing well?

  • Are you keeping up-to-date with technological developments, especially as it pertains to brand awareness, email advertising and monitoring how to branch out and reach new niche markets when it comes to your advertising marketing plan?

  • Is your advertising marketing plan affordable and practical? Does it accurate convey your company's vision and corporate culture, embracing new technology to target and capture potentially new niche markets? Does your marketing campaign create a brand promise and is that promise effectively conveyed, implemented and most importantly, upheld?

  • Are you prepared to invest more money into the business to take it to the next level? Most ideas for business growth, whether it's new technology, additional space, hiring more employees or other capital expenditure, require an investment (very often cash). Have you explored borrowing money and possible investors and are you prepared to plough some of your profits back into the business in order to actualize business growth planning so that it becomes a reality?

  • Are you tracking existing consumer behavior and keeping an eye on emerging trends and consumer patterns?

  • Finally, is the company collectively being proactive? Is the company proactive in its approach to product development, increasing your customer base, widening your marketing angles, encouraging investment opportunities within the company and attracting the right people to do the job?

  • When it comes to ideas for business growth, you need to take an objective view of your company.

  • Confirm what you are doing right and then hold on to it.

  • Establish what you aren't quite at the top of your game with and then put structures in place to make these potential windows of opportunity become a business growing reality.

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