Learn To Invest Money -
Rules Of Investing Simplified

Learn to invest money wisely as you become saving wise and maximize the return on your investment.

learn to invest money

There are so many different ways of investing money - the mind tends to boggle.

So may options, so many financial brokers, so many friends all offering their advice and ideas to make money?

Information overload simplified with the fundamental and basic rules of investing - nothing particularly revolutionary but universal principles worth considering.

When it comes to teaching personal finance you want to control your financial freedom!


Evaluate the risks of your investment accurately and objectively.

All investments have risks - it is important to know what you are investing in - the "good,  bad and ugly".

You need to know what "can go right: - the positive return on your investment ... and what can go wrong - what you could potentially lose in both the long and the short term.

You need to understand your investment.

You will only be able to evaluate the risks of your investment if you understand the investment.

You may need a financial broker to explain some of the financial jargon, the fine print or even the premise behind the investment - that's fine!

But - if it doesn't make sense to you - steer clear until you have done some more research to confirm that the investment option is in fact financially credible.

Diversify your investment portfolio.

Invest in different asset classes to maximize your cash flow and the return on your investment.

Tailor make your investment portfolio to possibly include: business assetscommodities (gold, silver or oil an so on),  real estate that generates long term cash-flow and paper assets like stocks, mutual funds, savings and bonds.

Know the financial facts - your decisions must be based on your financial knowledge and due diligence.

Subjective and emotive decision making must be replaced with objective financial facts.

Carry out independent checks on financial brokers and advisers.

Verify in writing the extent of the commission that you will need to pay.

Consider commission-based financial products carefully especially  if you are asked to sign up immediately or if you are asked to borrow money against your business or home in order to make the investment.

Research inflation beating investments that create cash flow.

Make sure that your proposed investment will keep ahead of inflation.

Invest to beat inflation - the way to financial freedom.

Learn to invest money - you'll become saving-wise as you investigate investment options for your financial freedom and security.

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