Money Market Interest - Stepping Stones
Towards Savings Simplified

Money market interest - a stepping stone towards achieving financial independence as you extend your financial education in your quest to become saving- wise.

money market interest

Money market savings accounts, the best money market rates or a high interest money market? It may all seem a little confusing at first.

But don't give up ... take the time to work through the financial jargon, investigate the advantages of money market funds and take note of inflation outperforming investments.

You'll be well on you way to learn to invest money. You'll be in a better position to take ownership of the various options of the best ways to invest money.

You'll be working for the best return on your investment.


Potential Advantages of Money Market Investments:


  • a viable option to invest your capital if you do not need it immediately
  • you can invest a monthly amount (if you earn a fixed salary)or a larger once-off amount
  • it tends to be a liquid investment and you can usually have access to your money within 24-48 hours
  • the interest on your investment is calculated daily so you can assess the growth on your investment at all times


  • your capital is relatively stable and you earn a better return on your investment than a normal fixed deposit account
  • it is a relatively conservative and thus relatively stable investment option
  • money market unit trust funds are legislated and regulated
  • it is more diversified - therefore risks are better spread
  • it can be a good short-term investment

How Money Market Funds Are Able To Offer You A Better Interest Rate:

  • the cumulative funds of all the investors in the money market creates negotiating power because of capital bulking
  • your money is pooled with other investors and THEN...
  • it is invested by professional fund managers utilizing their intellectual expertise in various asset classes
  • asset classes normally include a spread over or a combination of shares, bonds, property and cash

Stepping Stone To Becoming Saving- Wise:

Straight Money Market Account - usually offered as an investment option at banks

Money Market Unit Trust Funds - usually offered by unit trust companies

Important Considerations:

  • Your capital may be relatively safe BUT your capital growth must outperform inflation for a money market to be a good return on your investment.

  • Remember to ask about any fees that you may be liable for: initiation levy; broker's commission; annual service fees and tax implications

Money market interest - show your interest in broadening your financial education and enjoy the journey to financial freedom and independence.

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