Money Saving Expert -
Simple Savings Scrutinized

Money saving expert - that's you! All it takes is a few pointers in the right direction and you will be well on your way to becoming a savings superstar!

money saving expert

By the way... it's okay to feel a bit overwhelmed, reluctant or even apprehensive.

Tackling a new lifestyle and breaking firmly entrenched consumer spending habits may seem unattainable? But after you begin implementing a few easy and simple strategies to save money, you'll see the money savings and help with bills begin trickling in - and that's all it takes.

You will have taken the first, and very often the hardest step towards your money saving plan.

And the rest really gets easier day by day.

Your savings start snowballing, you'll start letting go of the clutter and the stress in your life and you begin your journey towards a simpler life, a life based on your conscious decision making and life where less is more and where quality surpasses quantity.

Economize ... don't compromise - begin your savings revolution  with our simple money saving tips for frugal living below.


We all need a little help and inspiration - so download a simple budget planner to give you the incentive you need to plan ahead. It'll keep you on the straight and narrow and besides, planning your budget on your computer will leave you with a great sense of accomplishment.

The ostrich approach ... you know the one? You bury your head in the sand and hope the problem will go away! It doesn't work well when it comes to getting rid of debt and saving money.

Be proactive - acknowledge your debt and confirm in writing your intention and determination to reduce your debt and then stick to it.

A daily reminder! Yes, everyday on your cell phone or calendar! It may be "in your face", but that's what you need right now in the beginning stages.

You'll remain focused on minimizing bad consumer spending habits and begin introducing excellent and sustainable strategies to save money.

That's it - simple and "do-able"!

You've just confirmed your desire and intention of learning to save money - step one to becoming your very own money saving expert!

May your savings revolution go from strength to strength.

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