Money Saving Meals - Winning Ways To
Maximize Your Money

Money saving meals ... there are so many simple, practical and effective cost cutting measures to reduce your bottom line and save money on groceries.

Have a look - see which frugal meal planning tips will fit into your lifestyle - easily and without to much fuss.

Practice them regularly and you'll soon incorporate them into a thrifty and frugal lifestyle ... great money saving tips for frugal living.

The more you save, the more potential you have to research the best way to invest money and then to take more control of your financial freedom.


Plan your menu a week in advance and only buy groceries that you need (don't forget to take along your grocery coupons for further great savings).

Buy "No Name Brands" and fruit and vegetables that are in season.

Collaborate with family and friends - buy in bulk and then share the groceries and the savings.

Visit local farmer's markets or better yet - grow your own vegetables and herbs in your back garden (great for affordable picnic food ideas).

Date and label all items in your freezer and then use the groceries before they expire or need to be thrown away.

Visually display how much you have budgeted for groceries for the month / week - then update it daily by subtracting what you have spent so far.

Make several containers of food like stews, casseroles, soups, rice and muffins. They freeze well, save you electricity and are a handy standby when you are in a rush.

(You'll also save money by not having to rush out for last minute fast food take-away or convenience foods)

Eat before you shop and remember to look at the top and the bottom of the shelves for the best bargains.

Stock your pantry with tinned and dried food - that way you'll have the groceries to whip up a wholesome meal in minutes.

Use leftovers creatively as part of the ingredients for another meal or even as a packed lunch for work (great money saving tip and much healthier than fast food or vending machines).

Money saving meals - well within your budget and your lifestyle!

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