Picnic Food Ideas - Sugar And Spice
And All Things Nice

Picnic food ideas - frugal and free picnic ideas ... feeding your family and their hearts with saving-wise picnic fun and carefree laughter.

picnic food ideas

Frugal meals are great money saving tips for frugal living ... and a fabulous way to feed your family while enjoying a relaxing day close to nature.

Economize on money saving meals ... absolutely! Compromise on family fun and a tranquil time out?

Not with free and frugal picnic ideas full of "sugar and spice and all things nice!"


Time to save money as you relax with your family, lose yourselves in the romance of first anniversary gift ideas or nap under a shady tree.

Now, more than ever aim for simplicity, elegance and a "less is more " approach for event planning guidelines.


Sure to satisfy even the most discerning eater ... a rainbow of apples, peaches, watermelon, grapes and figs - inexpensive, affordable, pre-packaged in nature's bounty, healthy and nutritious.

And who'll be able to resist a bowl of sun ripened strawberries with a scoop of ice cream washed down by a bottle of chilled homemade ginger beer.


A beautifully presented and arranged assortment of cold roast chicken, sliced cold meats and crispy chicken nuggets on a brightly colored platter - effortless economical and protein-packed.

The kids get to eat on the run and the leftovers can be used as fillers for healthy whole-wheat sandwiches the next day.

(Opt for cheaper cuts of meats like pork and chicken and where possible the shoulder, neck and shin.)

Don't forget...

Fresh, warm crusty bread from your local bakery, hummus and crudités, a terrific potato salad - simple, easy to prepare, affordable and filling!

And all things nice...

One or two luxury items can turn an amazing day into a magical moment ... a moment that memories are made of:

a brightly woven picnic blanket,

a chilled bottle of bubbly or sparking wine,

freshly ground coffee beans and a flask of boiling water,

a block or two of melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate ... and of course friendship, love and fellowship.

May the magical memories of today stay with you always in the years that lie ahead.

Picnic food ideas - frugal and free meals to remember and cherish!

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